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Brief introduction of camphor wood furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-06
Camphor wood is dense, with natural beautiful texture, tough texture, not easy to break, and not easy to crack. It has been the first choice for carving crafts since ancient times. In addition, camphor wood is a traditional precious wood, which can exude a special rich aroma that lasts for years. This aroma makes camphor wood furniture unique and practical functions: insect-proof, moth-repellent, mildew-proof and moisture-proof. High-end clothing such as hair, leather, silk, linen, and calligraphy and painting books are put into it. The pungent mothballs are no longer needed. Not only are the items free from insects and mold, but they can also be stained with aromatic scents. Advantages and disadvantages of camphor wood furniture Advantages of camphor wood furniture: camphor wood is tough and has a fragrant smell. It is made into a wardrobe to store clothes and other items, which can prevent moth, mildew and sterilization. Disadvantages of camphor wood furniture: The gas emitted by camphor wood contains camphor components. Putting camphor wood furniture in the bedroom will affect the quality of sleep, making people excited and even insomnia. Especially in unventilated bedrooms, the problem is more serious. At the same time, the aromatic smell of camphor wood furniture may also cause dizziness, weakness, nausea, and vomiting. Camphor wood furniture has beautiful texture, tough texture, not easy to crack, and has the characteristics of scent and fragrance, but in real life, camphor wood furniture emits other ingredients containing camphor that will affect people's sleep quality, and It keeps people excited and can easily cause insomnia and other problems. If pregnant women are in contact with camphor wood furniture for a long time, they are prone to miscarriage. Consumers need to pay attention to the purchase process.
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