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Brief Analysis on the Ingredients Technology of Mahogany Furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-04
In real life, most consumers may have heard of mahogany furniture, and mahogany furniture has been the darling of collectors in recent years. Although the mahogany furniture market is sluggish this year, for many senior collectors who love mahogany furniture, they still have a soft spot for mahogany furniture. Of course, you may have seen mahogany furniture that was once brilliant, but have you heard of the ingredients and craftsmanship of mahogany furniture? It’s okay, today we’ll take everyone’s insights. Talk about the ingredients technology of mahogany furniture. The ingredient technology of mahogany furniture is a way of matching materials. This method is related to material selection, line drawing technology, and wood knowledge (for material selection, line drawing, and wood knowledge, see 'Traditional Ancient Furniture Manufacturing Technology' by Lu Yuzhang). Because the ingredients are related to the reasonable use of materials, the service life of the furniture modeling process and the aesthetics of the viewing angle are standardized. Especially the frame and leg material matching of mahogany furniture is to ensure that the wood structure is well stressed and the wood is not wasted, and the material size of each part is gradually and reasonably standardized to meet the needs of the wood structure of the furniture. For example, the wide side of the thick frame material of the Yuan Dynasty leg material tends to face forward; the frame leg material of the square form in the Song Dynasty is mostly used, but the mortise and tenon structure forming and the use of the slats are not perfect, until the linearity of the furniture in the Ming Dynasty After the structure is perfected, it will develop in the direction of the artistic beauty of structure and modeling. However, the furniture leg materials are more reproduced with rough expansion and multiple widths facing forward. The reasonable art modeling method of the garden leg materials is well used, and the modeling and structure are improved. Formation. In the Qing Dynasty, the various scales and methods of materials used from bent materials, round materials, and frame materials were integrated into the line and patterned carving culture in the variability. Mahogany furniture is the treasure of furniture art and the ingredients of furniture. The following aspects should be grasped: 1. The collocation of frame and leg materials This refers to the collocation of frame materials and leg materials, and also refers to the backbone of the design frame in the process of making furniture. Only the transformation form of the frame and leg material and the determination of the amount of material can lay the premise and foundation for furniture production. Both the wide and narrow sides face forward, and the choice is based on the line type and artistic design. However, the width of the ingredients should be kept as uniform as possible to facilitate uniform blanking. It is only necessary to reverse the wide and narrow surface and the surface with beautiful texture when drawing the line according to the stress of the structure. 2. The collocation of good and bad wood is based on the wood and choose the collocation of good and bad wood. Good texture and uninterrupted wood are used as frame material. Root and sapwood and good-patterned non-deformable sheets are used in the front, and inferior and usable wood is used in the back or bottom, but the disability must be overcome and removed. Extended reading: Nirvana rebirth! The unforgettable brake craftsmanship in mahogany furniture 3. Panel joints and panel joints are an important part of the selection of materials. Panels include table top panels; stool panels; drawer panels; box panels; cabinet door mounting panels and side and back mounting panels. Patchwork is a patchwork of viscose between wood boards, which must achieve good production quality. This is also a prerequisite for material selection and cutting requirements. (1) The surface of the radial cutting board is straight and the texture of the radial cutting board is smooth, and the wood defects are removed, and the wood grain shape and material color must be well grasped. (2). The wood grain of the string cutting board is reversed. The wood grain of the string cutting board is beautiful, but the shrinkage of the wood in the growth ring direction will cause unevenness. Therefore, it is better to reverse the direction of the end surface of the board to perform butt seam. (3) Staggered joints of the box board. Because of the structure of the wooden box and the wooden box with the dovetail tenon structure, the wood seams of the front panel and the side panel cannot be formed in a line, which will easily cause the box seam to crack, so the seam should be staggered. . (4) The layout pattern of the drawer panel has a symmetrical and beautiful decorative effect relative to the wood grain of the drawer panel. The material variation and artistic beauty must be grasped. (5). Carved wood boards generally do not form the heartwood-to-heartwood seam along the grain to the curved wood grain, and most of them are sapwood to sapwood. Only when the wood grain is relatively straight or slightly curved, the heartwood-to-heartwood condition appears. Try to sew the same wood together, sew wooden boards with similar soft and hard materials, and sew wooden boards with similar colors. (6) The splicing and matching of defective wood does not affect the frame material with lively joints, which can be used on the side and back. For sheets with cambers, the cambers should be crossed when splicing. After processing and smoothing, the deformation is small. Curved frame materials should be used symmetrically. Once the sheath is combined, it can be straightened. Wood with too much curvature can be sawn into short pieces for use. For warped boards, the thickness of the board must be sufficient to ensure the thickness of the board. Otherwise, don't use it. The knots and defects must be placed on the side of the joints of the plank with knots. In this way, the defects are scattered and not concentrated in the middle part. 4. Reasonable collocation of small materials Mahogany is a rare wood. The rational use of small materials and short materials is an important part of the processing technology. The use of artistic carving and structural design to perfect the short materials can also ensure a reasonable structure of mahogany furniture.
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