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Black rosewood furniture identification Daquan

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-11-27
Black rosewood is a kind of rosewood, which mainly grows in tropical areas. It has obvious black stripes, so it is called 'black rosewood'. Rosewood is a natural deodorant. It gets its name because it emits a sour aroma. Rosewood has always been the darling of high-end mahogany materials. Its practical and artistic value has been received by industry insiders and consumers. The author is fully affirmed, then how do we identify black rosewood furniture? Black rosewood furniture identification method 1: air and taste The material of black rosewood furniture has a unique smell, and the taste of genuine black rosewood furniture is flat and soft. It is a very natural taste. The fake taste is somewhat similar to the taste of cosmetics. Black rosewood furniture identification method 2: The thickness of the material used depends on the thickness of the furniture material, mainly the thickness of the furniture board (panel, back panel, etc.), the thickness of the beveled edge, and the treatment of shrinkage joints. This can be judged by tapping the furniture panel with your hand and listening to the sound. Related reading: Rosewood price quotation and identification instructions. Black rosewood furniture identification method 3: Color Black rosewood is a kind of rosewood. The heartwood of black rosewood is mainly purple-black, deep purple and red-brown, with black stripes. Because of its scarcity and high price, once polished, smooth and lubricated, it gives a mellow and subtle beauty. Black rosewood furniture identification method 4: the proportion of black rosewood materials used in the hand feel. All black rosewood and pure black rosewood, some of which are black rosewood materials, have different values, which are naturally different in price. When buying black rosewood furniture, you should weigh the weight of this kind of furniture with your hands to see if it is enough. Therefore, the identification of black rosewood furniture requires this series of steps to avoid buying black rosewood furniture that is 'fishing in troubled water'.
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