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Birch for visitors from the northern hemisphere

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-08
It grows in the northern hemisphere and is one of the earliest trees formed after the glacier retreats, and it is mostly distributed in cold regions. Because of its cold-tolerance, fast-growing and relatively immune to pests and diseases, it is usually used for reforestation, soil erosion control, protective covering or tree conservation. This visitor from the northern hemisphere is also called maple birch and cherry wood in the market. The name should be birch. The thin impermeable bark of birch was used for roofing, canoes and shoes made by North American Indians and early settlers. Birch sap can also be made into birch beer. People living in the forest will use the bark of wet red birch and paper birch to start a fire. In addition, the main chemical component of birch, 'methyl salicylateBecause birch has a leather scent, it is also an important component of men's perfume. The roots and knots of the birch have many patterns. The ancients often used it to make door cores and other decorations. Now they are mostly used in the production of structures, parquet woodwork and internal frames. As a floor, birch wood is light brown to reddish brown, with a shiny surface and smooth texture. The wood is pure and fine, strong; the texture is softer, and the elasticity is good. The texture is straight and obvious, or unrestrained personality. The birch itself has the beauty of slenderness and elegance, and its fine, soft and smooth material properties make the birch floor smooth and wear-resistant, with clear patterns. With concise interior layout and elegant home decoration style, it is more pure and warm, with unique taste. Those who love log style or want to buy IKEA furniture can also try choosing a light-colored board made of birch sapwood without obvious patterns as the TV wall, which not only makes the space more open and bright, but also combines with high-purity sofas, log cabinets, and warmers. The white iron chandeliers also create a simple and tasteful home style, the effect is amazing. Finally, birch is not resistant to decay and is easy to crack and warp after drying. Therefore, in dry areas, proper humidification and maintenance of birch floors should be paid in autumn and winter. Related reading: How to buy birch furniture? What should I pay attention to when buying birch furniture?
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