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Bedroom wardrobe color matching

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-06
The bedroom plays a very important role in people's rest and physical and mental health, and the wardrobe is an important part of the bedroom, and many people are worried about what color to choose. How to match it according to the wardrobe color trend? Brown wardrobe Brown is a basic color, whether it is clothes or shoes, brown has become one of the essential colors for everyone. Brown has also become the focus of the room decoration of the top ten brands of overall wardrobes in China. Professional color collaborators said that brown emphasizes a sense of contrast and layering. For example, the combination of brown and peach makes the atmosphere of the whole room lazy and active, and peach makes the brown change into a charming color in an instant, making the home full of life, just like a student with a little loli by his side. The common one is a slightly lighter brown system, which is mostly used in some relatively large spaces. The color is softer and suitable for large-area decoration, giving people a warm and elegant visual experience. Dark coffee closet Dark coffee represents a stalk and depth of wormwood, which is especially suitable for creating a gentleman's feel. These furniture styles are stable, simple in shape and heavy tones. The overall reveals low-key gorgeousness, allowing the entire room to stay in an elegant and charming atmosphere. Visually showing the perfect combination of rationality and sensibility, there is no lack of a sense of relaxation and romance. Dark coffee is a relatively strong color. Because of its deep color and weight, the color is mostly calm and atmospheric, such as the common noble series of furniture, or the furniture mainly made of cherry wood, black walnut, ancient oak and other boards. Extended reading: How to identify the environmental protection wardrobe. The red and purple wardrobe in the past was like a youthful 18-year-old girl, and the popularity of fuchsia was more like a woman with temperament and taste, like the current Fan Bingbing. This color highlights a sense of elegance and a sense of mystery, making it easier to create a quality and elegant atmosphere. Red-purple is a bright spot in the spring and autumn. It is different from the previous colorful colors. Today's red-purple emphasizes an introverted and retractable sense of elegance. The color tone is more saturated, dense and gorgeous. It is more suitable for young people to create a sense of dreams. White wardrobe White is a color that never goes out of style. Its classics are deeply loved by people and satisfy the innocence hidden in our psychology. This color is simple, stylish, clean and neat, making the bedroom look rational, casual, and modern. White is also one of the most comfortable colors for people's vision. It expresses purity and holiness, and symbolizes the unique temperament of Baibi flawless. It is simple and elegant. It is most suitable for romantic lovers, showing innocence and straightforwardness. In the indoor environment, we strive to express the leisurely, comfortable and natural pastoral life, and the interior decoration of the spacecraft is also white.
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