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Basic knowledge of down sofa

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-24
Sofas play an important role in living room furniture, among which feather sofas are more and more popular for their fine workmanship and comfortable experience. As people continue to demand high-quality life, down sofas have become one of the most popular choices. The so-called down sofa, as the name implies, is a sofa filled with feather pieces. Unlike sponge and silk cotton sofas, down sofas are not easily deformed. Because of the special three-dimensional structure of down, the down sofa will not collapse after long-term use. The life of high-quality sponge is 3-5 years, and the life of down sofa is more than 10 years. The production process of the down sofa is quite complicated. The processing of the down fillings alone has to go through multiple steps such as raw wool inspection, washing, centrifuge spinning, drying and disinfection, cooling, dust removal, hair separation, and hair mixing. Each step has Different technical standards. Down Industry Association’s requirements for feathers used in down sofas are waterfowl belly feathers, which must be processed by selection, washing, centrifugal dehydration, degreasing, drying, disinfection, and antibacterial treatment. The down content should be more than 5%. The daily care of the down sofa is not very troublesome. The cover can be removed and washed. The down bag can be washed and dry cleaned. After washing, it can be air-dried in a ventilated place. Lightly pat the down bag, and the natural down will immediately become fluffy. Down sofas are the healthiest, most natural and environmentally friendly. The constant temperature and ventilation characteristics are more comfortable in summer. When choosing a down sofa, you should look at it three times: look at the density of the down white cloth, look at the liner stitching, look at the cleanliness of the feathers, and smell the feathers. Whether there is a peculiar smell. In today's increasingly competitive society, what busy urbanites most desire is to get a natural and comfortable rest on their own sofa after a day’s exhaustion, and the emergence of down sofas has perfectly realized people Longing for a happy and comfortable furniture life.
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