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Basic knowledge necessary for getting started with furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-17
What is the furniture? What are the characteristics of each style of furniture? What are the advantages of solid wood furniture... The basic knowledge of these furniture is something that every furniture person must master. Today, sort them out. If you just start to learn, if you don’t know it, come and make up! 1. Basic knowledge of furniture 1. Furniture is composed of four factors: material, structure, appearance and function. Function is the guide and the driving force for the development of furniture; the structure is the backbone and the basis for the realization of functions. 2. From the materials used in furniture, the level of productivity development at that time can be reflected. In addition to commonly used wood, metal, and plastic, there are rattan, bamboo, glass, rubber, fabric, decorative board, leather, sponge, etc. 3. The application of furniture materials also has a certain degree of selectivity, among which the following factors should be considered: processing technology, texture and appearance quality, economy, strength and surface decoration performance. 4. According to regional ethnicity, it can be divided into: Mediterranean style, Southeast Asian style, European style, African style, American style, Japanese style, Chinese style, etc.; 5. According to genre, it can be divided into: classical style, simple style, popular style, Pastoral style and so on. 2. Nordic style design Nordic style furniture draws on the design style of Bauhaus and incorporates the characteristics of Scandinavia, forming a unique style based on natural simplicity. 1. Danish design Danish furniture design can be called a global classic design, highlighting humanity. A simple piece of furniture design, in addition to shaping its observability, it must also pay attention to the practicality of its structure, taking full account of the coordination between the structure of the human body and the structure of the furniture. From the design, it changed the feeling of rigid furniture in the past, adding human rationality, and increasing the flexibility of furniture. 2. Finnish design Finnish furniture designers have fully grasped the advantages of nature from the beginning, and organically blended its agility with the furniture, exuding a natural artistic temperament. At the same time, modern Finnish design is closely related to real life, and through the development and utilization of various new materials, the furniture is exquisite and fashionable, which is more suitable for modern families. 3. Norwegian design. Norwegian furniture designers inherited the original Nordic design concepts, emphasizing the maturity, stability, simplicity and creativity of furniture. Through the clever use and combination of cabinet plates and metals, they present alternative effects and further strengthen the design. Whether it is the elegant and meticulous export furniture design or the natural and simple country design, they all reflect the wisdom of the Norwegians. 4. Swedish design The Swedes are influenced by modern styles. They are market-oriented in furniture design, and work hard on the production process. They hope that the furniture will enter ordinary households, emphasize economy, and use pine and birch materials to outline the clean lines. The layered structure highlights the modern avant-garde. 3. Children's furniture Although my country's children's furniture started late and the market development is still at the beginning stage, it has great potential. With the improvement of people’s living conditions, more and more children have their own independent rooms. Many parents have invested huge enthusiasm and financial resources in the layout of children’s rooms, and provided children with furniture full of childlike or common growth. It creates a good growth environment, so children's furniture quickly became popular. Judging from the development of the furniture market in recent years, children's furniture is one of the fastest growing categories in the furniture industry. Children's style furniture can be roughly divided into three categories: 1) Solid wood children's furniture. There are special styles for children in the rural and country styles. 2) Panel children's furniture, pure MDF is rich in color. 3) Pine children's furniture: made of pine. Related reading: Why is it more and more difficult to buy pure solid wood furniture? 4. Solid wood furniture Solid wood furniture is furniture whose main material is solid wood. The operation of my country's solid wood furniture industry is currently in a good development situation. Zhiyan Data Research Center shows that with the continuous expansion of the operation of my country's solid wood furniture industry and the continuous expansion of the market, the operation of my country's solid wood furniture industry will usher in a new development opportunity. 1. The advantages of solid wood furniture are durable and environmentally friendly; the craftsmanship is exquisite, comfortable and warm; 2. The disadvantages of solid wood furniture The main problem of solid wood furniture is that the change in moisture content makes it easy to deform, and solid wood furniture will be affected by the surrounding environment and change when it leaves the factory The moisture content, the change of moisture content will cause deformation and cracking. Therefore, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight, and the indoor temperature should not be too high or too low. Too dry and humid environments are not suitable for solid wood furniture. In addition, the components of solid wood furniture usually adopt a tenon structure and adhesive, and the finished product generally cannot be disassembled, and the transportation is very inconvenient.
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