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Basic knowledge, characteristics and uses of walnut wood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-26
Walnut is a kind of hardwood with a mature period of more than 50 years to hundreds of years. It is a world-renowned interior decoration material and one of the three most precious tree species in Northeast China. Walnut wood is classified into the genus Juglans in the subject classification. Common names include walnut tree, walnut tree, walnut tree, walnut tree and so on. In fact, they are all unified tree species. This material only grows in northern and southern China. Among them, northeast China The best texture. The two mountains of Luliang and Taihang in Shanxi are rich in walnuts. Walnut wood is the finest material for Jin made furniture. The wood is polished and waxed by water. It will have a hardwood-like luster, its quality is fine and non-sexual, it is easy to carve, and its color is pale and soft. The products are available in Ming and Qing dynasties, and most of them are top-quality ones. Available or hidden. Its wooden features only have fine, needle-like brown eyes and light yellow filaments like annual rings. The weight is equivalent to that of elm. The characteristics of walnut wood The material of walnut wood varies greatly. The heartwood generally ranges from light reddish brown to tan, slightly purple, and the wood color is pleasing and elegant, sometimes with beautiful spots or stripes; the sapwood is light in color, mostly off-white or light brown. Tree roots and galls often have special patterns, which are precious decorative materials after sawing into thin wood. The hardness of walnut wood is medium to slightly hard and heavy, the fiber structure is fine and uniform, and it has strong toughness. It has excellent performance in anti-vibration and abrasion resistance. It has certain bending and corrosion resistance, but the sapwood needs paint to prevent termite. Walnut wood needs to go through a slow drying process, after which it is not easy to deform and crack, it is very suitable for tenoning, carving, etc., and its adhesive properties are also good. Furniture and carving crafts made of walnut wood are known for their simplicity and elegance, with warm and delicate texture, beautiful texture and solid durability, which can show the natural beauty of carving and wood texture. Walnut wood use Walnut wood is a world-famous interior decoration material, and it is also a good material for making valuable furniture and carving crafts in my country. Walnut furniture in China is the most famous among the producers in Shanxi and is called 'Jinzuo Furniture'. Jinzuo furniture has formed local characteristics since the early Qing Dynasty: the shape and workmanship are mostly imitating the palace style, the materials are thick and heavy, the shape is solemn and stable, and the large furniture is mostly large. ; Especially the high-end walnut furniture of Jinzhong and Jinnan are often imitated as stone carvings. The beds, tables and cabinets made are wide and thick, with fine craftsmanship and luxuriousness. The painted and polished furniture is quite similar to red sandalwood furniture. smell. Walnut wood value Because of the high craftsmanship value of walnut wood, it is also widely cultivated in Western Europe and the Mediterranean, and it has become an international precious furniture and decoration material. Its preciousness is as famous as mahogany, and it is used as the standard material for buttstock, equipment and cutting process.
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