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Bamboo furniture production process and process

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-08
There are many types of bamboo furniture, such as bamboo stools, bamboo chairs, bamboo tables, bamboo beds, bamboo bookshelves, bamboo flower stands, bamboo hangers, bamboo cabinets, bamboo boxes, bamboo children's carts, and so on. Bamboo furniture can add a natural and simple color to the home style. Although there are many types and different shapes, their processing can be roughly divided into bamboo processing, skeleton making, surface processing, overall assembly and finishing. Construction section. 1. Bamboo processing In order to use bamboo rationally, make full use of its characteristics, and make bamboo furniture rich in colors and styles, the bamboo must be intercepted, deoiled, corrected, polished, bleached, dyed, or made with artificial markings before production. These are collectively referred to as bamboo processing. The interception of bamboo segments According to the size of the bamboo furniture, the bamboo segments that are cut into appropriate lengths are called bamboo segment interception. When intercepting, pay attention to intercepting different lengths and number of sections according to the different structures and different parts of the bamboo furniture. The deoiled bamboo material of the bamboo segment contains a certain amount of water, sugar, starch, etc., and these substances are collectively referred to as 'bamboo oil'. Put the bamboo section at high temperature and heat it to make the 'bamboo oil' flow out, which is called deoiling. There are two methods of degreasing, namely the fire roasting method and the steaming method. Correction of curved bamboo segments During the growth process, bamboo stalks are often affected by various external factors and tend to bend. Curved bamboo must be corrected before it is suitable for making furniture. The method can be tuned with tools such as a tuning console and a tuning stick. Put the bent part of the dried bamboo section on the fire to warm it up. When the stalk bark seeps out of sweat-like bamboo oil, the bamboo section gradually loses its elasticity. Then put one end of the bamboo section into the tuning stick groove and adjust the curvature slowly , And then use cold water or damp cloth to cool down. Polishing of the bamboo section The surface of the bamboo section can be polished to enhance the gloss. The method is to put the processed bamboo segments in water and mix 2 parts of fine sand and 1 part of rice husk to polish the bamboo segments. The freshly harvested bamboo stalks are first polished by this method, and then de-oiled after drying. The skin is particularly smooth and beautiful. If the bamboo stalk has a lot of black dirt, it can be directly polished with sand. The epidermis of the bleached bamboo section was originally yellow-green, but after deoiling and drying, it gradually became tender yellow and turned yellow-brown after a long period of time. If bamboo furniture or bamboo utensils need other colors, the bamboo must be bleached, otherwise it is not conducive to coloring and painting. The dyeing of bamboo segments If the bamboo segments are dyed with appropriate colors or made into stripes, and then made into furniture, it will appear simple and elegant, and more beautiful. Basic dyes are mostly used for coloring bamboo. The method is to select the bleached bamboo section with no damage to the skin, place it in 2% caustic soda or sodium carbonate solution, boil for 3-5 minutes, take it out, put it in the basic dye solution, and boil it for about half an hour. Dye the desired color. The cuticles of the artificial bamboos and bamboos are polished, and then coated with dilute sulfuric acid solution, and the cuticles become black after a little fire. If it is coated with dilute nitric acid solution, it will be brown after fire roasting. The intensity of the color depends on the concentration of the acid solution, that is to say, the greater the concentration of acid, the deeper the color, and conversely, the thinner the concentration of acid, the lighter the color. 2. Making the skeleton of bamboo furniture. The skeleton of bamboo furniture can not only reflect the general shape of bamboo furniture, but also is the main part of the endurance. The skeleton is made in two aspects: the bending of the skeleton bamboo and the joining of the skeleton. The bending of the skeleton bamboo section is to bend the bamboo section into the skeleton of the bamboo furniture. There are fire bending method, groove bending method, saw triangle notch bending method and so on. After the joint bamboo section of the skeleton is bent, it is joined with other round bamboos or bamboo pieces to form a real bamboo furniture skeleton. There are many joining methods, the commonly used ones are: bar joint, T-joint, cross joint, L joint, arch joint, parallel joint, embedding joint, entanglement and so on. The bonding of the skeleton requires the use of round wood cores, bamboo nails, iron nails, glue, etc. to achieve good results. 3. Surface processing The surface layer of bamboo furniture is very important in use and decoration. Therefore, it must be processed carefully to meet the design requirements. The surface layer of bamboo furniture is generally made of bamboo chips, bamboo rafts, rattan, and bamboo. It can also be made of wood, plywood, fiberboard, plastic board, sofa cushion, etc. 4. Assembling parts according to the stipulated technical requirements, join several processed bamboo furniture parts into parts called bamboo furniture parts assembly. It includes the process of fixing the size of the part, punching, pin and shape trimming.
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