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Bamboo furniture market and prospects

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-08
In recent years, as the concept of 'low carbon' has become popular among the people and the shortage of global timber resources, bamboo furniture has gradually emerged and entered the public's field of vision. Relevant experts pointed out: Bamboo furniture will become the new favorite of future furniture due to its sufficient and low-cost raw materials, coupled with careful design, and will also lead the transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry. Compared with traditional solid wood furniture, what are the advantages and characteristics of bamboo furniture? How does the market recognize bamboo furniture? Can bamboo furniture 'take on' the important task of industrial upgrading and transformation? Bamboo furniture conforms to the concept of environmental protection and low carbon. my country is the kingdom of bamboo. The growth cycle of bamboo is about one-tenth of that of ordinary wood. After scientific processing, bamboo can completely replace wood and become the new favorite of furniture materials. Due to sufficient raw materials, short resource regeneration cycle, and sustainable use of bamboo furniture, coupled with the designer's exquisite design, taking into account tradition and modernity, practicality and environmental protection, under the premise of lack of global wood resources, it will definitely become the main force of future furniture military. In addition to the above advantages, bamboo furniture also has the following characteristics: First, it is warm in winter and cool in summer. Due to the natural characteristics of bamboo, its moisture and heat absorption performance is higher than other woods, so it is cool to sit on it in the hot summer. Sweat-absorbent feels warm in winter. The second is to return to the original, bamboo furniture maintains the original natural texture of bamboo, giving people a simple and classic feeling. It can be said that bamboo furniture fits the concept of environmental protection. Bamboo furniture has a price advantage. In everyone's impression, wood is hard and bamboo is soft. So what is the reliability and practicality of bamboo furniture? For example, for high-end pure bamboo furniture, the raw materials used are high-quality phoebe bamboo produced in Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi, and Zhejiang for about 5 years. After testing, its tensile strength and compressive strength along the grain are twice that of cherry wood and 2.5 times that of cedar. The processing process is to peel the thick bamboo and cut it into 3×4 cm thick bamboo strips, and then go through a special process of high-pressure gluing to make a large board. The whole process has to go through more than 30 procedures. According to industry experts, the treated boards are resistant to insects, cracking, deformation and degumming, and various physical properties are equivalent to medium and high-grade hard miscellaneous woods, which can be used as wood substitutes. The raw materials of bamboo are relatively cheap, and the price also has considerable advantages. For example, comparing the most common and best-selling oak flooring on the market with bamboo flooring, the price of bamboo flooring will be about 20% cheaper. There is less and less solid wood now, and it is being protected all over the world. A large piece of wood has only been produced in 500 years, and a bamboo can be produced in three to five years. From the perspective of circular economy, it is imperative to promote bamboo furniture. In addition, with the continuous improvement of the level of craftsmanship, it is now possible to make bamboo into a variety of wood textures to meet the different needs of consumers.
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