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Bamboo furniture design research advocates low-carbon home life

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-07
In recent years, the concept of low-carbon design has been widely disseminated, and various design agencies have introduced proposals to advocate low-carbon design. Many designers and design agencies have focused their designs on reducing carbon emissions in order to achieve the goal of low-carbon design. There are many ways to design low-carbon. To reduce carbon emissions from the source, that is, choosing environmentally friendly and sustainable materials is an important means to achieve low-carbon. Among the materials we are familiar with is bamboo. Bamboo materials are popular among designers for their sustainable and moldable characteristics. Bamboo derived materials have also seen considerable development in recent years. This article aims to study bamboo and its extended materials and analyze existing bamboo furniture. The advantages, disadvantages and feasibility of some new materials in furniture design. With the spread of low-carbon concepts, the application of low-carbon materials in furniture design has become increasingly widespread. With the rapid development of social economy, carbon emissions have gradually exceeded the load of the earth. Economic development and lifestyles that reduce carbon emissions have become another major development trend. The concept of 'low carbon' was proposed at the Copenhagen conference in 2009, and has become popular in all aspects of life. The furniture industry in my country has also responded at the same time. Therefore, the “Low-Carbon Economy and Sustainable Development of Chinese Furniture Seminar” was held in Guangzhou in 2010, and the concept of low-carbon was introduced into Chinese furniture design. The concept of low-carbon became A new trend in modern home design. Understand the meaning and function of low-carbon life, and look for materials that can be applied to furniture design from the starting point of low-carbon life. In this context, due to the development of my country's furniture industry in recent years, products generally show the characteristics of high carbon emissions. Environmentally-friendly and sustainable furniture design urgently needs designers to design and develop. Carry out research and in-depth investigation on the low-carbon materials studied. Use low-carbon materials for furniture design. In recent years, the economy and low carbon of bamboo materials have been favored by designers. Therefore, in recent years, the application of bamboo materials in furniture design has become more and more extensive, especially the development of derivative materials is also very rapid. 1. The characteristics of bamboo materials are well known, and wood is the most famous low-carbon material. However, the increase in demand for wood has caused serious damage to the earth's vegetation. The restoration period of each tree is 60 years, but this restoration speed has not kept up with the pace of social and economic development. Bamboo material shows its unique charm here. There are many characteristics of bamboo. First of all, it should be mentioned that it has a wide range of materials. There are 1200 species of 70 genera and are produced in subtropical temperate regions. The investigation found that China is the country with the richest bamboo resources in the world, accounting for more than 25% of the world's bamboo resources. Secondly, the growth cycle of bamboo is short. Compared with the restoration period of wood, it only takes 3-4 years for a bamboo to become a timber. It is worth mentioning that, nowadays, the technology of replacing wood with bamboo is becoming more mature. Through the processing of bamboo, the bamboo material is spliced u200bu200binto a complete board. Its characteristics are very similar to those of wooden boards, and the bamboo itself has the function of adjusting temperature and absorbing odors. Therefore, bamboo boards have become more and more common in furniture manufacturing in recent years, especially In the south, the summer temperature is higher, and furniture made of bamboo panels is cooler than furniture made of wood, and the price is reasonable, so it is loved by the general public. In addition to the general bamboo board, there is a new type of board, and the whole bamboo material has also been developed. It is the process of softening and dehydrating the raw bamboo to make the bamboo into a complete board, and it is not allowed to use glue to join it. The disadvantage is that the limitation of bamboo itself leads to the fact that the whole bamboo material cannot produce too large plates, and its size is limited. Therefore, this material is now used in the production of cutting boards, and its anti-strike ability is much stronger than that of splicing. Made of bamboo panels. Extended reading: The two elements of bamboo furniture maintenance. Lacquer and cleaning are king. Second, the development of bamboo derived materials. The development of bamboo derived materials is an excellent result under the vigorous spread of the low-carbon concept. These materials are reprocessed by using the fertilizer after bamboo processing. In addition to achieving low-carbon effects from the source, it also combines the principles of reuse in the low-carbon design concept. Most of these materials are made of bamboo fibers. Although they are out of the shape of bamboo, they are also widely used in furniture design. Their strong reproducibility and more usable characteristics are used in our low-carbon furniture design. It also has a wide range of applications. Bamboo fiber is a kind of cellulose fiber extracted from naturally grown bamboo. It has good air permeability, water absorption, abrasion resistance and dyeability. At the same time, it also has the antibacterial and adsorption properties of bamboo itself. It is mostly used for textile materials. Textile materials made of bamboo fibers are mostly used in soft decoration design in furniture design, such as bedding, curtains and other fabrics. And now many furniture manufacturers have used bamboo fiber as a filler for sofa cushions and mattresses.
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