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Austenitic Dalbergia as Material for Mahogany Furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-02
1. What is Dalbergia australis, belongs to the genus Dalbergia in the family Papilionaceae, and is classified as red rosewood in the national standard 'Redwood' GB/T18107-2000 'Redwood'. Originally known as 'Dalbergia OrlyMedium to large trees, with a height of about 25 meters, generally 18~24m, with a diameter of about 50cm, and a maximum of 2m. It is mainly produced in Myanmar, Thailand and Laos. Second, the characteristics of wood diffuse porous wood. The growth ring is obvious or slightly obvious. The freshly cut surface of the heartwood is lemon red, reddish brown to deep reddish brown, often with obvious black streaks; the alcohol extract of sawdust is reddish brown. The tube hole is quite obvious to the naked eye, the chord diameter is 312μm, the average is 189μm; it often contains brownish-yellow to reddish-brown gum; the number is very small, 1-11/mm2. There are many axial parenchyma tissues, which are obvious to the naked eye. They are mainly paratubular, polywing-shaped, narrow band-shaped or thin line-shaped (1~8 cells wide, most 2~4 cells, often intersecting with rays and presenting a clear network ) And scattered aggregation. Wood fiber wall thickness. Wood rays can be seen under a magnifying glass; wave marks can be seen under a magnifying glass; the ray organization has the same shape in single row (rarely) and multiple rows (2 rows), and abnormal type III tends to be rare. The new cut surface has a sour aroma or weak; the structure is fine; the texture is usually straight or staggered; the air-dry density is 1.OO g/cm3. 3. Material properties and uses Dalbergia austenitica, with luster, straight or staggered texture, fine structure, slightly uniform, heartwood cut surface lemon red, reddish brown to deep reddish brown, often with obvious black stripes, elegant and modest gentleman style. High strength, high hardness, strong corrosion resistance and strong insect resistance. It is slightly difficult to process, but the surface of the wood is smooth after finishing. It has a wide range of uses, mainly used for high-end furniture, handicraft carvings, sports equipment, decorative veneers, etc.
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