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Armchairs of different ages have these differences!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-22
The armchair is a traditional furniture of the Han nationality that originated in the Song Dynasty. By the Ming Dynasty, its technology has been perfected, and it is the most classic production of Ming Dynasty furniture. The most obvious feature is that the back of the circle is connected to the armrest, which goes down from high to low. When seated, the arm of the person can lean against the circle-shaped armrest. The curve of the human spine makes people feel very comfortable when sitting on the armchair. Its shape is the upper circle and the lower part, the outer circle and the inner square, which is in line with the theory of the universe in traditional Chinese culture-the sky is the circle and the kun is the square. The basic style of the armchair was fixed and regulated in the middle and late Ming Dynasty. When it developed into the Qing Dynasty furniture, its basic style did not have any fundamental changes, but there were more obvious improvements and changes in the dimensions and production details. Therefore, three basic distinctions are made: Ming-style armchairs, Qing-style armchairs, and Qing-style palace armchairs. Compared with Ming-style armchairs, Qing-style armchairs are characterized by heavy materials. The overall size of the furniture is larger than that of Ming-style armchairs, and the corresponding partial dimensions have also changed accordingly. For example, the Ming-style armchair has the widest distance between the two sides of the arm rest. The armchair in the Qing Dynasty is about ten centimeters wider than the armchair in the Ming Dynasty. The lower part of the armchair was also slightly enlarged in the Qing Dynasty, especially in the longitudinal part, to make the chair deeper, so that the buttocks of the person sitting on it can be further back. The Qing-style imperial armchair has a larger size than the Qing Dynasty armchair, especially the difference between the horizontal and vertical of the lower part of the armchair is only 10 cm. Such a change will make the armchair look more majestic and majestic when sitting, thus it has won the favor of the court nobles, and it is a symbol of status. Extended reading: A glamorous classic that transcends the times-Ming style armchair Qing style armchair After talking about the overall size changes, let's take a look at the local size changes. For example, in the Ming Dynasty, the handlebar head was blunt and anxious and resembled a small disc. In the Qing Dynasty, the handlebar head was reduced, only slightly wider than the handrails on both sides, and the turn was smooth and smooth. In the Qing Dynasty imperial palace circle chair, the head of the abbreviation was enlarged and widened, and various patterns were carved, and clay plates were added under the four feet, so that the length, width, and height of the entire chair were increased, thus showing that General armchairs are different in luxury. Qing-style palace armchairs Qing-style armchairs, especially Qing-style palace armchairs, are more ornately decorated. Their performance methods are mainly inlay, carving and painting, etc., giving people the feeling of stability, exquisiteness, luxury, gorgeousness, and the simplicity of Ming-style furniture. , Generous, graceful and comfortable, forming a very sharp contrast.
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