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Are latex mattresses suitable for everyone? Is latex mattress a trend or a gimmick?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-14
Latex mattresses are new bedding that has emerged in recent years. Generally speaking, the price is not low. If it is real natural latex and pure latex mattress, the price is more expensive; and if it is a copycat or counterfeit, it may only cost a few hundred. Yuan. It can be seen that the latex mattress market is also chaotic enough. With the regulation of the market and the maturity of consumers, the market for pure latex mattresses has been relatively small. Latex mattresses are mostly used in combination with springs and palm mats, which can often play a better role. Choosing a mattress is almost a necessary procedure in all home decoration. Looking at the current mattress market, one word is repeatedly mentioned-'latex mattress'. On the one hand, it is the merchants’ admiration and hype about it, on the other hand, the confusion and doubts of consumers. Are latex mattresses really as good as the business advertises? Is it the trend of the mattress market, or is it just a gimmick of 'hype concept' by businesses? What is a latex mattress? Natural latex is made of rubber tree sap and is molded by evaporation. It has numerous pores, so it has good air permeability; because the surface of the pores is smooth, mites and other insects cannot be attached. At the same time, latex has excellent elasticity and is not easy to deform. Good quality latex mattresses are made of natural latex. It has good resilience, can prevent mites and antibacterial, and can also meet the needs of people of different weights, and its good support can adapt to the various sleeping positions of sleepers. The mysterious reporter behind the price difference of several thousand yuan found that the price difference of latex mattresses was as high as several thousand yuan. From the hundreds of dollars marked on the Internet to the tens of thousands of the most advanced ones, what kind of mystery is included in such a huge price range? To this end, the reporter visited a large home furnishing store in Beijing. During the visit, it was found that the latex mattresses of several hundred yuan sold online could not be found in the regular stores. According to relevant sources, the latex mattresses of several hundred yuan are actually synthetic latex, which is environmentally friendly and quality. There is no guarantee. Regular mattress brands must choose natural latex to make mattresses, of course, the lowest price is several thousand yuan. The classification of latex mattresses largely determines its price. Filling is also an important factor in determining the price of latex mattresses. If fillers such as silk fiber and wool are added, the price will rise by several thousand yuan. Related reading: Advantages and disadvantages of latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses and spring mattresses. Latex mattresses are not suitable for everyone. So far, I believe many consumers will ask the same question: Are latex mattresses suitable for everyone? In fact, the reporter found in the store experience that mattresses containing latex are softer than other mattresses. This feeling has also been confirmed by professionals. A manager in the furniture industry told reporters: The most important thing about choosing a mattress is personal feelings. Although latex mattresses have the advantages of good resilience, anti-mite and antibacterial properties, latex mattresses are generally soft. For many consumers who are accustomed to harder mattresses, there is no need to deliberately buy latex mattresses, because the human body is already different in people. Different adaptations are formed in the sleeping position. If you buy a mattress that is not suitable for you, it is likely to cause back pain due to the lack of fit with your body. In particular, pure latex mattresses, although temporarily comfortable, are more suitable for those who like soft mattresses. Although latex mattresses occupy most of the brand's booths, spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and palm mattresses are not useless. Spring mattresses have good support and are durable; memory foam mattresses are commonly known as 'zero pressure' mattresses, which can fit the human body to the utmost extent and reduce body pressure; brown mattresses are more suitable for people who like hard mattresses to buy , At the same time, the palm mattress is environmentally friendly and natural, with excellent air permeability. Consumers are advised to choose a mattress that suits them according to their sleeping habits, and not to choose latex mattresses blindly. Proper compatibility of a variety of materials is the way for the mattress market to develop. The reporter found in an interview that while publicizing latex, merchants also noticed the limitations of latex, that is, the price is too high and the service life is short. Therefore, most of the latex mattresses on the market are 'composite' mattresses, which are compatible with latex and independent springs. Such a mattress ensures its good support and stability through springs, and ensures its environmental protection and comfort through latex. In addition, memory foam spring mattresses and spring palm mattresses are properly compatible with two or more materials in the mattress, in order to maximize the comfort and durability of the mattress. 'The coexistence of multiple materials is the direction of the mattress market, and it is also the direction of the company's exploration and pursuit.' This is what a bedding manager said in an interview with reporters, and it is also the best answer to the questions raised at the beginning of the article. From this we can see that although latex mattresses have very excellent characteristics, but there are also some shortcomings, which are not suitable for everyone. We ignore the price. Even if it is comfortable and healthy, latex mattresses will be due to everyone’s physical fitness. The difference in living habits can't adapt to everyone, and finally returns to the sentence: 'Buying goods, there is no best, only suitable, it is like looking for a partner!'
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