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Antique furniture knowledge

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-01
Selection: The materials of antique furniture can be divided into two types: 'softwood' and 'hardwood'. Hardwood has higher density, finer texture, and heavier quality, so hardwood is more expensive than softwood. Among them, red sandalwood and huanghuali are very expensive. Softwood includes nanmu, beech, elm, cypress, catalpa, fir, camphor and so on. Price: The value proposition of antique furniture is mainly based on 'age, material, rarity, completeness and appearance'. The red sandalwood and huanghuali furniture among the hardwoods can be sold at sky-high prices. Therefore, those who are keen on antique furniture may wish to refer to the styles of red sandalwood and huanghuali furniture, and choose furniture made of cork. Processing: Small processing and finishing is a necessary process for antique furniture to regain a new life. The precision of processing can be seen from the following: the finishing of the drawer bottom, whether the polishing is meticulous, whether the lacquer is uniform, whether the wood grain is complete, and the cabinet Whether the backplane is intact, etc., are all things that need attention. Maintenance: The maintenance of antique furniture should be careful. For example, no matter the weather is hot or cold, a cloth should be placed under the cup, and water stains should be wiped off immediately. Normally, as long as it is used normally, there is no need to worry too much. In an overly dry room that uses heating in winter, it is best to use a humidifier at the same time to prevent the furniture from drying out.
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