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Ancient furniture craft Luo Guoxi and its origin

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-05
Luo Guoxi is also called bridge 枨, and it appears in many furniture styles such as the Eight Immortals table, official hat chair, and case table. It is generally used to connect the legs under the furniture such as tables and chairs. It is named because of the high arch in the middle and the low ends at both ends. Luo Guoxi is one of the structural shapes that often appear in ancient furniture in our country, and it is also an important reference for judging the age of furniture. The origin of Luo Guoxi During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, high-style furniture has become popular in our country, especially in the Song Dynasty, the frame structure replaced the box-plate structure to become the mainstream of furniture modeling, and the pull between the frames also has room for development and evolution. In the early days, the Laxi was straight, but later for decoration, there appeared arched and curved Luo Guoxi. During the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, Gaogong Luo Guoxi has been used independently in furniture. However, due to the lack of lighting in the living room at that time, the indoor furniture was also relatively small, and it was often used for multiple purposes and mobile use. The mechanical strength of the high arched Luo Guoxi was difficult to meet the requirements of use. At the end of the Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, a top-toothed high-arched Luoguoqiao appeared. Its mechanical strength was very good and it was very popular in furniture. Among the hardwood furniture handed down from the Ming and Qing dynasties, the structural shapes of Luo Guoxi with dwarfs and kazi flowers are quite common, and many of them have been designated as classics of Ming furniture by various academic works. Extended reading: Yan Shou Huan Fei Ming and Qing furniture has its own advantages. What is 'one-legged three teeth Luo Guoxi' Ming-style waistless square table or painting table has a unique form called 'one-leg three teeth Luo Guoxiprotrude. One leg, three teeth, Luo Guoxi, “one leg, three teeth” is named because each leg of the table intersects with the left and right two long teeth and the head of a tooth at the corner of the table. 'Luoguozi' is a zizi whose middle part is raised upward in order to increase the lower space. From the structural point of view, each leg of the table is clamped and fixed by teeth in three directions, and the legs and feet are equipped with certain side angles. The stability of the table is sufficient. But as a rule, why does 'one leg and three teeth' have to be matched with 'Luo Guoxi'? In order to install the three teeth, the legs are not fixed on the four corners of the table and are slightly retracted, so the side wipes are wider and the table top spouts. As a result, the protruding table corners are similar to the cornices of classical wooden architecture in my country, and the tooth heads of the table corners are similar to the angle beams and angles that support the cornices. Viewed from the side, the curved shape formed by the combination of the three tooth bars on the upper part of the leg and the Luo Guozi visually makes the flat and rigid table corners change in symmetry. The combination of Luoguozi and Kazi flower is between the tooth bar of the furniture and the Luoguozi flower. The Kazi flower is a carved wooden block located between the tabletop and the zizi. Its role cannot be ignored, and it can strengthen the stability of the frame structure of the table body. , It can also guide the load-bearing of the tabletop to the legs and feet through the stilettos, which is the finishing touch on the decoration. Extended reading: Graphic analysis of old furniture jargon. The collocation of Luo Guo Xi Luo Guo Xi and the dwarf are commonly known as dwarf. They are usually used in groups, with two groups on the long side and one group on the short side. The shape of Luo Guoxi is not of great significance in structural mechanics. The purpose of doing so is to increase the space underneath and increase the use of functions. At the same time, it breaks the flat and rigid format and adds artistic vitality to the furniture. . Luo Guoxi and Dwarf are usually used in conjunction with each other, and their role is also to fix the four legs and support the tabletop. Such parts are used on tables and chairs with low waist or no waist. The so-called Luoguozi, that is, the middle part of the horizontal beam is slightly higher than the two ends, and is arched, or 'bridge shape' in Japan. Now southern craftsmen also call it 'bridge stall'. In the north, people like to describe the bridge with low ends and high middle with a human hunchback, called 'Luo GuoqiaoIn the middle of Luo Guoxie, most of them are connected with the upper table top with a shorter column.
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