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Anatomy of the advantages and disadvantages of the four major materials for cabinet countertops

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-19
1. Artificial stone is a very popular countertop material. It is divided into two types: seamless and seam. Seamless artificial stone countertops are currently the most widely used material in cabinets. The price is different between domestic and imported. Domestic seamless artificial stone is priced from 1,200 to 1,500 yuan per linear rice, while imported DuPont Corian from the United States sells for 2,100 to 2,900 yuan per linear meter. Of course, its quality It is also the best among similar products. Advantages: artificial stone is more wear-resistant, acid-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and has strong functions such as impact resistance, compression resistance, bending resistance, and penetration resistance. The treatment of deformation, bonding, turning and other parts is unique; because there are no pores on the surface, oil and water stains are not easy to penetrate into it, so it has strong anti-fouling ability; it can be seamlessly bonded at any length. After the blocks are bonded, they are polished and become a whole body. Disadvantages: the price is higher. Pay attention to the problem: Even if it is a seamless artificial stone, the quality is divided into different grades due to the different processing technology. Therefore, you must choose a brand with a better reputation and guaranteed service. Second, the high-grade granite marble in natural stone is the traditional raw material for cabinet countertops. Black flowers and white flowers are more commonly used. Advantages: The texture of natural stone is very beautiful, the texture is hard, the anti-scratch performance is very outstanding, the wear resistance is good; the cost is low, the color is different, the most commonly used ones are only about 200 yuan per meter, which are the most economical and affordable A countertop material. Disadvantages: The length of natural stone cannot be too long, and it is impossible to make a full-length overall countertop, which is not suitable for the modern trend of pursuing overall countertops; the two pieces cannot be spliced u200bu200btogether, and the gap is easy to breed bacteria; the density of natural stone is large, so it is necessary The strong cabinet support, although it is more than hard, but not elastic enough, cracks will occur in the case of a heavy blow, and it is difficult to repair. Some invisible natural cracks will easily crack when the temperature changes sharply. Pay attention to the problem: natural stone is weathered for tens of thousands of years. Some materials may be radioactive and emit toxic gas, which does not meet environmental protection requirements. If no special processing is carried out, it may cause harm to the human body. Therefore, when choosing It is best to do a radiation test. 3. Fire-resistant board, commonly known as fire-resistant board, the real effect is only fire-resistant. Although it is not the mainstream of countertops, it also occupies a certain market share. At present, the refractory board veneers used on cabinet countertops on the market usually adopt flat pressure, heating, and pasting processes. They are mainly imported. Well-known brands include American 'FormicaAnd so on, there is little difference in performance and price. Advantages: bright color, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, and high temperature resistance performance, giving people a brand-new feeling, and the cabinet countertops are consistent in height, supplemented by embedded gas stoves, adding a sense of beauty. The price is also acceptable to ordinary consumers, generally 200 yuan to 500 yuan per linear meter. Disadvantages: The countertop is easily corroded by water and moisture. Improper use can cause serious consequences such as degumming, deformation, and expansion of the substrate. Fourth, the stainless steel countertop is bright and clean, with excellent performance. It usually adds a thin stainless steel plate on the surface of high-density fireproof board. However, with the decline of stainless steel cabinets in the retail market, it is no longer favored by people, and its market share is becoming less and less. Advantages: sturdy, easy to clean, strong practicability. In recent years, due to the strong impact of the new concept of 'European and American integration' modern cabinets, stainless steel countertops have also made corresponding improvements in compliance with the development trend of the combination of aesthetics and practicality of cabinets. For consumers who prefer 'practical' considerations, it is not impossible to buy stainless steel countertops. Disadvantages: The vision is 'hardThere is a lack of reasonable and effective treatment methods at the corners and joints of the cabinet countertops, and it is not suitable for the special characteristics of civil kitchens such as pipe crossing. In a comprehensive comparison, fireproof board countertops have price advantages, artificial stone countertops are increasingly popular with people for their excellent quality, while natural stone and stainless steel used as countertops have gradually decreased.
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