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Analyze why Ming-style furniture prefers Huanghuali?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-13
The Qing issue of 'Qiongzhou Fuzhi' said: 'Rosewood, purple-red, similar to Dalbergia odorifera, has a slight fragrance, in the middle of Lishan.' It is Huanghuali. In the Ming Dynasty, Huanghuali was very expensive and was cherished by the royal family. The elegant Huanghuali furniture was only used by the imperial court and the nobles. And why most Ming-style furniture uses huanghuali raw materials, let's see the decomposition below. Huanghuali big round leg-wrapped table Judging from historical records and handed down objects, the commonly used woods for Ming-style furniture are probably huanghuali, red sandalwood, 鸂鶒 (xī chì) wood, iron wood, beech wood, and ebony wood. Nowadays, people often confuse the wenge wood and the wenge wood in the current mahogany national standard. The ancient wenge wood is basically not seen at present. The wenge wood seen on the market now has African chicken wings, which is a little black and yellow; also There are Asian chicken wings, which are yellowish and very cheap, and the prices are below 10,000 tons. They are commonly used wood for popular furniture. The ancient ironwood is not a kind of wood, but the name is similar to the ironwood in the national standard of mahogany. Beech wood was a very common material for Ming-style furniture in the past, and many Ming-style furniture produced in the Ming Dynasty can still be seen today. Mr. Wang Shixiang once said that many of the better Ming-style furniture may be made of beech wood. Because beech wood is cheap, the craftsman can do whatever he wants when making it. Very expensive, and limited by the size and width of the material, you can't do whatever you want with the shape of the furniture. From my personal point of view, furniture made of cork cannot be regarded as a classic, and furniture made of wood and wood cannot enter the category of classic Ming-style furniture. In all these villages, there are few Ming-style furniture made of red sandalwood, and it can be said to have the same artistic charm as yellow rosewood. Of course, red sandalwood is mainly used for Qing-style furniture, while Ming-style furniture is made of red sandalwood in a small amount. Huanghuali is the most important wood for Ming-style furniture in the golden age. Further reading: Why could the top spot of Huanghuali in the Ming Dynasty be sold at a sky-high price of nearly 70 million yuan? Before the Ming Dynasty, Huanghuali was mainly used for medicinal purposes. In many pharmacopoeias, such as Compendium of Materia Medica and Supplements to Materia Medica, there are records of Huanghuali. Its main characteristic is dehumidification, and some people say that it also has the effects of lowering blood pressure, disinfecting, reducing swelling, lowering blood pressure, improving eyesight, clearing the heart, and clearing the orifice. It has been used in this way in history and has been recorded. Nowadays, some people hype the medicinal value of huanghuali and exaggerate its effect. Some people say that huanghuali can soothe the nerves, while others say that huanghuali can improve libido, and so on. Huanghuali three-bend-leg six-post canopy bed with cloud pattern began in the Ming Dynasty. Huanghuali combined with Chinese furniture production to produce Ming-style furniture art. There are several reasons why Huanghuali is used: The first reason is that the Ming Dynasty was the last Han dynasty in Chinese feudal history. Farming civilization is the easiest to worship the color of the sun and the land, because it is the color that best represents a good harvest. The red and yellow color of Huanghuali is exactly what we Han people like. The second reason is that the Ming Dynasty advocated fire, just like the Qing Dynasty advocating water and water, water governs black and fire governs red. The surname of the emperor in the Ming Dynasty was Zhu, and Zhu was also called fire and red. Therefore, in the Ming Dynasty, the five elements were still fire, and they liked huanghuali and this red-yellow wood. Another reason for the Hainan Huanghuali three-piece armchair is the natural texture of Huanghuali and the aesthetic appeal of runes. Huanghuali's pattern, color, oiliness, denseness, etc. make it the most suitable wood for minimalist furniture. So far, no other wood has been found to match the minimalist Ming furniture. Complementary effects. The charm of huanghuali material has made it unanimously praised by generations of literati and collectors from the late Ming Dynasty hundreds of years ago to today.
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