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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various panels

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-16
Plate is the main component material of the overall wardrobe, and its quality directly determines the quality of the product. Wood-based panels are mainly used for wardrobe panels on the market, while solid wood is rarely used. Artificial board is divided into plywood, particle board (particle board), fiberboard, solid wood multilayer board, among which fiberboard has high density, medium density and low density. Solid wood multilayer board Solid wood multilayer board is made of three or more layers of veneers or thin boards through wood glue and high temperature and high pressure. It is made of high-quality solid wood veneer or technical wood as the fabric through several processes such as cold pressing, hot pressing, sanding and curing. The solid wood multilayer board is pressed with uniform plywood, which has small deformation, high strength, and internal The quality is good, the flatness is good, and the laminates with different thicknesses of 5-40mm can be produced according to the needs. The multi-layer solid wood board also has the characteristics of not easy to deform and good performance of regulating indoor temperature and humidity. After melamine finishes, the surface of the board has a natural and real wood texture and feel, which can bring consumers more choices. Wood-plastic shutters Wood-plastic shutters are waterproof, anti-mildew, insect-proof, antibacterial, acid and alkali resistant, washable, environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free, not easy to deform, not cracking, and have flame retardant and self-extinguishing functions. The surface treatment of wood-plastic louvers has good surface finish, no obvious defects, and the texture is obviously stronger than that of MDF. Moreover, the film sticking has high strength, and it is not easy to foam under the sun exposure or humid environment. But the price is more expensive, the narrow sliding door is slightly lighter in quality, and the hollow structure is not very popular. As for the density board louver, it is not moisture-proof, swelling due to water absorption, prone to mold, damp and long green hair, not to mention that it cannot be cleaned, and it also releases formaldehyde. Easy to deform, non-flame retardant, low price, weight suitable for sliding doors, solid structure, high popularity. Extended reading: solid wood particle board or MDF? Whole wardrobe board selection guide. The long wood fiber in the middle of the particleboard + the fine wood fiber on both sides are pressed into a board. Particleboard: Take the trunks and branches of plantation forests and natural forests to process or shavings, which are formed by high temperature and high pressure. The advantages are low expansion rate and strong stability. Suitable for relatively humid environments such as kitchens. The disadvantage is that it cannot be surface milled. The sealing edge is easy to fall off (because there is a certain gap between the plates, the surface flatness is not enough). The MDF breaks the wood and maintains the original fiber by high-temperature compression molding. The surface has good flatness, easy to mill, good stability, and strong nail-holding power (because MDF is a solid material, all nail-holding power is greater than particleboard ),Etc. It is better than particleboard in strength and hardness. But it also has disadvantages, it is not resistant to blisters. The swelling amount after being blister is about 2mm per side. Therefore, MDF is more suitable for drier environments such as wardrobes. Extended Reading: Four Criteria for Choosing Custom Wardrobe Sheets
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