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American furniture style award

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-24
American furniture, as the name suggests, is style furniture from the United States. American furniture is the most typical representative of colonial style furniture. Is one of the typical American furniture. As the largest colony in Europe, American furniture blends the styles of European countries to create a brand new home style. American furniture especially emphasizes comfort, style, practicality and multi-function. From the perspective of styling, American furniture can be divided into three categories: antique, neoclassical and country-style. Antique style: The foundation of American furniture is the lifestyle brought by immigrants from various countries in the late European Renaissance. It can be seen from many classic furniture works handed down from generation to generation in the 18th and 19th centuries that, due to the pioneering spirit of the early American ancestors and the principle of advocating nature, the elegantly shaped but not excessively decorated furniture has become the representative of typical American furniture. For example, the Queen Anne type of the cat-leg bent chair leg (Cabrio I Leg) still occupies a certain share in American furniture to this day. Related reading: American furniture is brought into the doctrine. The bottom line is all neo-classical styles: it came into being in the process of seeking new and changing classic furniture designers. The designer combines classical style with personal unique style and modern spirit to make classical furniture present a colorful appearance and become the main feature of neo-classical style. Country style: It has always occupies an important position in American furniture. Because of its simple, bright and practical style, it has long been loved by consumers from all over the world. A multifunctional design was added to the 1998 Furniture Fair. The appearance and materials still maintain a natural and simple style. The hidden design drawers store the space, making it look neater and more beautiful. On the whole, American-style furniture conveys simple, casual, organized, and multi-functional design ideas, making the family a pure land for releasing pressure and liberating the soul. The most fascinating thing about American furniture lies in the exquisite and noble shapes, lines, carvings and colors, and the intriguing place reveals the ancient and long-lasting fragrance. Generally speaking, American furniture must go through several stages of work to highlight the American style. The various rare textures of different woods and different parts, and even the special textures produced by pathological changes during the growth period of the trees are the favorites of American furniture.
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