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alert! These children's furniture slots can be fatal!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-13
With the improvement of the modernization level, the appearance has become an auxiliary factor when people choose furniture, and more and more people are more concerned about the environmental protection and safety of furniture. With the advent of the second-child era, the demand for children's furniture has increased, but the media exposure of various furniture containing 'formaldehyde' incidents have really made parents talk about 'aldehyde' discoloration. In this era when everyone is guarded against 'formaldehydeKeeping glass materials away from the glass parts of children's furniture is one of the main problems that cause children's injuries, and its sharp corners are easy to cut children. When purchasing children's furniture, parents can try to avoid children's furniture with glass parts, or choose a glass design with a certain height. The 'General Technical Requirements for Children's Furniture' standard requires that glass parts should not be used in children's furniture within a height of 1600 mm from the ground; if there are dangerous protrusions, they should be protected by suitable methods. For example, a protective cap or cover is added to effectively increase the area that may be in contact with the skin. Free adjustment of the height of the table and chair For children who are growing fast and are in the physical development stage, whether the height and size of the table and chair adapt to the changes in the posture of children at different stages is an important measure. Recently, height-adjustable tables and chairs have been favored by parents, making them more convenient and flexible. According to the child's height and age, choosing tables and chairs made according to the principles of ergonomics will make it easier for the child to maintain the best posture and distance in the correct sitting posture. The size of the furniture matches the height of the human body, which plays a key role in the growth and development of the child, especially the spine and vision. Extended reading: Experts reveal: Why are children's furniture expensive but not necessarily safe? The size of the holes should be appropriate. Many children's furniture has a hole-shaped design, which plays a decorative role. It is childlike and simple, but the hole is a safety hazard. If the size of the hole is not correct, the child can easily reach the hand and head inside and cannot get it out. In order to avoid accidents, parents should pay attention to whether the size of the hole shape is reasonable. In the national standard 'General Technical Requirements for Children's FurnitureIn children's furniture products, the gap between accessible parts should be less than 5 mm or greater than or equal to 12 mm. Holes smaller than the corresponding size will not allow the child's hand to reach, thereby avoiding accidents; and holes larger than the corresponding size can ensure that the child's limbs can stretch freely and will not be stuck because of the hole. The confined space should be as breathable as possible. Children love to play hide-and-seek. The cabinet at home is probably the best concealment point, but it is easy to feel uncomfortable if you hide in it for a long time, and it will cause suffocation in severe cases. Therefore, when purchasing closed cabinet products, pay attention to whether there are ventilation holes on the side or back of the cabinet to prevent children from suffocating after they enter the cabinet for fun. National standards stipulate that closed cabinet furniture used by children should have a certain ventilation function. Specifically, in an airtight closed space, when the enclosed continuous space is greater than 0.03 cubic meters, two unobstructed ventilation openings with a single opening area of u200bu200b650 square millimeters and a distance of at least 150 millimeters should be provided inside. , Or a ventilation opening with equivalent area.
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