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After reading this article, everyone is an American furniture expert

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-11
Now American furniture is more and more favored by Chinese consumers. Compared with traditional American furniture, modern American furniture is more fashionable, more functional, and more practical. Today, I briefly introduce some basic knowledge of American furniture, so that everyone has a basic understanding of American furniture. 1. The structure of American furniture The overall structure of American furniture is more common, showing a simple and heavy sense of value. In the case of North American House, it follows the tenon-and-mortise structure of traditional Chinese furniture, which is more beautiful and firmer. Second, the painting of American furniture The painting process of American furniture is relatively complicated, mainly with multiple overall painting, which is difficult to operate and requires high spraying technology. The furniture of North American House painted with American glaze can present different look and feel from different angles, with full color and rich layers. 3. American furniture does not crack. Under normal circumstances, solid wood furniture will almost inevitably encounter the problem of cracking and deformation, and American solid wood furniture is still the same. North America House broke this dilemma, overcame the problem of cracking and deformation of solid wood furniture, and became the first solid wood furniture brand that does not crack. Fourth, the material of American furniture American furniture is divided into American panel furniture and American solid wood furniture. American solid wood furniture mostly uses birch, basswood and other North American tree species as the main material, and the common auxiliary materials are rubber wood/pine. The North American House uses ash wood and golden silk white wood, and the auxiliary materials use poplar and birch. Compared with ordinary American furniture, it has more advantages in material, and has a longer service life. Related reading: Space and style matching skills of American furniture 5. Old American furniture craftsmanship (1) Worm eyes: In the old American furniture craftsmanship, there is a kind of insect eyes that imitate insects to express the pure solid wood characteristics of the furniture. (2) File marks: In the process of using furniture, sometimes it is scratched by sharp objects, forming scars. American furniture will have obvious scratches with a file to show the ancient history. (3) Hammer marks: American furniture has grown up with the history of pioneering wasteland in the United States. Therefore, American furniture will often be injured by hard objects such as hammers accidentally falling from a height during use. dent. In order to reflect this characteristic of American furniture and to miss that period of difficult entrepreneurial history, later American furniture is mostly imitated by hammering on furniture countertops to make artificial hammer marks. (4) Spray dots: Spray dots are commonly known as fly black dots. The color is mostly black and dark brown. It is a transparent or opaque colored paint. Imitating the traces left by the flies on the product during the use of the furniture, it is a process with a strong antique distressing effect. The spray dot technique can enhance the inner taste of the furniture and demonstrate the historical vicissitudes of American furniture. (5) Cloth printing: Cloth printing, commonly known as radiography, is a process often used in the American painting process. The main function of cloth printing is to enhance the sense of hierarchy of furniture products. By deepening the color of the product, the furniture presents different levels of light, medium and deep. (6) HILI level: In the production process of American furniture, steel wool is sometimes used to grab some lighter-colored parts according to certain rules, so that the color of the furniture shows a contrast between light and dark and increases the beauty. The lighter part can also be made with cloth printing and is called HILI. (7) Horsetail and earthworm marks: Horsetail is also called scratches, which are the marks of imitation products being scratched or scratched during use; earthworm marks are the imitation products that are left after being eaten by moths and insects during long-term use or storage. trace. (Source: First Furniture Network)
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