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Advantages of tenon and tenon structure

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-22
The tenon-and-mortise structure has the following four advantages: 1. The tenon-and-mortise structure is a combination of tenon and mortise. It is an ingenious combination of more and less, high and low, long and short between wooden pieces. This combination can effectively limit Twisting in all directions between the pieces of wood. The nail connection cannot be done. For example, using iron nails to make a T-shaped combination of two wood bars, the vertical bars and horizontal bars can easily be twisted to change the angle, and the tenon and tenon combination will not be distorted. 2. Furniture with tenon-and-mortise structure is easy to transport. Many mahogany furniture is disassembled and transported, and then assembled and installed at the destination, which is very convenient. If you use iron nails to connect the furniture, although it can be made into a partial split type, but furniture with more small wooden pieces like chairs, etc., can't do it. 3. Furniture with tenon and tenon structure is easy to maintain. Pure mahogany furniture can be used for hundreds of thousands of years, and there will always be problems, such as a certain piece of wood that needs to be replaced if it is broken. The furniture connected by iron nails is not as easy to disassemble and replace as the furniture with tenon and tenon structure. 4. The tenon and tenon joints are of high quality. The mahogany wood is hard, and the iron nails are wedged in by squeezing and drilling. This process is very easy to cause the wood to split. This is very clear to the woodworkers. The use of tenon joints to connect mahogany furniture can greatly enhance the inherent quality of mahogany furniture, which is also an important reason why mahogany furniture made by traditional crafts has value-added collection value.
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