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Advantages and disadvantages of beech bed

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-23
Beech wood is produced in southern my country. Although it is not a luxurious wood, it is widely used in traditional furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, especially among the people. Its excellent cost performance has been sought after by furniture manufacturers and consumers in recent years. The beech bed is a kind of solid wood bed. The beech wood bed is dense and heavy, with fine and straight wood grains, fewer knots in the structure, and elegant temperament. At present, the main raw materials for domestic beech bed manufacturing are beech wood from Germany. German beech wood is denser, harder, and more difficult to process than cork, so the loss is relatively large. At the same time, the beech wood here is manually felled from the mountains, and then it travels more than 10,000 kilometers to come to China. It is transported and stored. During the process, running water must be sprayed for 24 hours to ensure the consistent quality of beech wood. Therefore, every set of furniture made of German beech wood is precious. The advantages and disadvantages of beech beds are currently on the market. Most of the eco-friendly beds on the market are slatted beds, while solid wood beds are relatively rare. Under normal circumstances, the price of solid wood beds is much higher than that of slatted beds, so there are also many deceptive ingredients on the market. . Among the solid wood beds, the beech bed is very popular. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the beech bed? The beech wood bed is divided into yellow beech wood, blood beech wood, and imported red beech wood according to the material. At present, most of the real beech beds on the market are imported red beech wood, which are generally produced in Europe and North America, and belong to the middle and high-end furniture materials. Advantages: 1. From the appearance point of view, the wood texture of beech wood is uniform, beautiful texture, soft and smooth tones. It can be used as materials for construction and utensils. 2. The texture is dense, the wood is hard, the performance is stable, and the product has quality assurance; 3. It is easy to bend under steam and can be made into various shapes, but it is not easy to deform when dry and is durable. 4. Chinese-style beech wood beds also have a high collection value; 5. Traditional furniture features and high cost performance; 6. As far as the essence of beech wood furniture is concerned, the material of beech wood is hard and impact resistant. In addition to the advantages of wood color, texture, and hardness, beech wood also has the advantages of good load-bearing performance and good compression resistance, and is often used for shipbuilding, construction, and bridges. 7. Healthy and environmentally friendly, strong and durable, beautiful and generous; Disadvantages: 1. The beech wood bed imported from abroad, due to the difference in climate and increased humidity, so pay special attention to the maintenance of the beech wood furniture; 2. The processing is difficult and the loss is large; 3. Cracks and deformation are easy to occur during drying and processing in the kiln. Therefore, it is not easy to successfully make a set of furniture. 4. Since the age of each tree is different, the color and density of the tree are different, so the color of the furniture will be different. The classified materials of the beech bed are divided into yellow beech, blood beech and imported red beech. The first two materials were widely used in the Ming Dynasty and have continued to the present. Now the output is very small and has reached the level of scarcity. Most of the authentic beech wood sold in the domestic furniture market is imported. It is produced in Europe and North America. The wood has stable properties and belongs to the middle and high-end furniture materials. Geographically, it is divided into two categories: north and south beech furniture. Due to the difference in geographical location, the difference in temperature and humidity is relatively large, which has a relatively large impact on the furniture. There is a saying in the market that 'the beech is not a river'. After the furniture is bought back, the later maintenance is particularly important. The large difference in air humidity requires higher maintenance of the furniture. The style of the beech bed 1. The simple and modern beech bed The simple and modern beech bed is a domestic furniture manufacturer that responds to the trend with the expansion of the consumer market, combining the elegance of Western furniture with the unique simplicity and frugality of the Chinese, and creatively launching a model Dark horse products. As soon as it was launched, it was sought after by the Chinese, and its best-selling has remained undiminished for many years. 2. There are many varieties of Chinese-style beech beds. With Huanghuali furniture as a reference, you can find exactly the same ones. With mahogany furniture as a reference, you can still find almost the same. The Chinese-style beech bed has collection value. There are different crafts such as carving and gilding in the production process. The cost is also very high. The market share in the market is also very good. Most of them appear in the antique market, and most of the buyers are also antique lovers. 3. Box-body beech bed The emergence of box-body beech bed is a derivative of the simple and modern beech bed to respond to the market. In a strict sense, it also belongs to the simple and modern beech bed. With the increase in prices, the housing space of beech is now small. In order to maximize the use of housing space, many consumers, box-body beech beds appear in the context of consumers' increasing hearts.
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