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A space-saving small apartment closet should look like this!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-21
Small space, poor storage, many beams and columns, the wardrobe cannot be put down, and finally found that it actually wasted a lot of space...Many small apartment owners usually have such troubles. The small apartment space is inherently small, and the wardrobe occupies a large part of the home space. So, what kind of wardrobe should a small apartment use to make the space look larger? Today, we will introduce several small-sized wardrobes that can save space. Applicable room types for creating wall-mounted wardrobes: room types with recesses. The in-wall wardrobe is simple and modern, saves space, and the internal structure is flexible and changeable. At the same time, it fills up the space defects, is harmonious and unified with the overall environment, and is beautiful and practical. Applicable room type with beam and column wardrobe: rooms with beams and columns. A house with beams and columns can be perfectly covered only with a custom-made wardrobe, which can not only avoid space waste, but also play a decorative role and enhance the overall continuity of the room. Use corners to set applicable room types--Irregular room types. In a small and compact apartment, if there are obvious vacancies or irregular spaces in the apartment structure, an L-shaped wardrobe can be customized to improve space utilization. The closet extends the space upwards and the closet to the top is designed to reduce wasted space. At the same time, it avoids the problem of dust accumulation when the common wardrobe is not on top. In addition, the sliding-door wardrobe can free up more space for walking than the sliding-door wardrobe. Extended reading: How to choose furniture for small apartment? The left and right extension space of the wardrobe makes full use of the space above the door to extend the top cabinet to facilitate storage of non-daily items such as quilts. Safe and beautiful, enhanced space storage function. In addition, in order to maximize the use of small-sized home space, owners also need to pay more attention to the size, material, opening method and placement of the wardrobe. Small apartment wardrobe size The size of the finished wardrobe varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and sometimes the difference can be very large. Wardrobes of imported brands are generally too large in size, but there will also be a relative standard. It cannot be made beyond certain sizes. Custom-made overall wardrobes, a single cabinet is usually 0.8 meters wide and 2.2 meters high. If the depth is to install a movable door, it needs 0.65 meters, and a hinged door only needs 0.6 meters. Opening methods of small-sized wardrobes The doors of wardrobes generally have swing doors, sliding doors and folding doors. The hinges of swing doors are not as good as the rails, so the door panels of swing doors should not be too wide or heavy. Sliding doors save space, but do not exceed 2.5 meters in height. The closet door should be well sealed to prevent dust from entering and contaminating the clothes, so avoid using shutter doors. The width of the hinged door wardrobe door is between 45-60 cm, and the width of the sliding door is between 60-80 cm. The wooden board used for the sliding door of the small apartment closet is best to choose 10mm or 12mm thick board, which is strong, stable and durable in use. There are two types of door frames: carbon steel and aluminum: carbon steel is easy to rust, and aluminum is currently the mainstream. Titanium metal has high strength, low specific gravity, and high price. In fact, even aluminum-titanium alloys have the problem of titanium content. The position where the small apartment closet can be placed Bedside: In a long and narrow bedroom, if one wall is blocked by a window or door and it is not suitable for placing the closet, then a combination closet can be customized on the wall beside the bed. Many people are willing to add a top cabinet directly above the headboard, which will also be detrimental to sleep. It is best to increase the thickness of the headboard so that when you lie down, you can see the ceiling with your eyes, which is more transparent and safe. powerful. Corridor: A large corridor. Alcoves may have been reserved for you, specifically for wardrobes. You need to customize the door and internal frame according to the size of the space. Choosing to move the door can reduce the obstacles caused by opening the door. Do more partitions in the internal structure to prevent occasional needs. Quilts and other items may be placed in the wardrobe in the corridor, so you must plan ahead. Corner: corner wardrobe, suitable for open room or bedroom with large area and multifunctional layout. The wardrobe can assume the role of a partition wall. If the room has good lighting as a whole, you can make full use of the space and design the wardrobe into an upright style. If there is only one side of the light, it is best to leave space in the upper part of the wardrobe so that natural light can enter.
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