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A new way for classical furniture, take a closer look at the characteristics of new Chinese furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-04
The classical furniture of the Chinese nation ranges from the simple Ming style to the luxurious Qing style. While the mahogany furniture inherits classical culture, it also interprets the characteristics of the times of contemporary civilization. However, the Chinese style, which has been deduced by modern technology and humanity, has put on a new coat-the new Chinese style. What is new Chinese style? In the industry, it is recognized as 'the interpretation of traditional Chinese style and culture in the context of the current era'. Some people say that if the classical Chinese style is compared to classical Chinese, then the new Chinese style with soft Chinese elements and modern materials is like a poem of elegant and subtle prose. Yes, the new Chinese style is not Yang Qi of Chinese style, but the interpretation of traditional Chinese style in the context of the current era. The elements are combined together to create a new home style based on the use and aesthetic needs of modern people. The new Chinese style organically combines the strengths of both Chinese elements and modern design. Its essence lies in the introverted and calm ancient meaning as the starting point. It can not only reflect the traditional charm of China, but also have new designs and new concepts with a modern sense. Make the furniture have both classic and modern charm. So, what are the characteristics of the new Chinese style? 1. The cultural background of the characteristics of the new Chinese style. The so-called constant change is inseparable, and any style interpretation has its specific cultural background as its support, so as to convey the life pursuit of people in a specific cultural atmosphere. Then the new Chinese style is based on the background of Chinese traditional classical culture. It creates a living space full of Chinese romantic sentiment, such as mahogany, blue and white porcelain, purple sand teapots and some mahogany handicrafts, which all reflect the rich oriental beauty. This is where the new Chinese style is different from other styles. This minimalist style has infiltrated the civilization of Eastern China for thousands of years. Not only is it timeless, it also exudes a charming oriental charm over time. Related reading: What exactly is the new Chinese style furniture? 2. The spatial hierarchy of the new Chinese style characteristics. The new Chinese style is very particular about the sense of space and the sense of jumping. Where it is necessary to isolate the line of sight, use Chinese-style screens, window lattices, Chinese-style wooden doors, craft partitions, and simplified Chinese-style 'bogu racks'. Through this new way of separation, the unit residences show the beauty of the levels of Chinese-style home furnishings. Coupled with some simple shapes as the basis, adding Chinese elements to make the overall space richer, big but not empty, thick but not heavy, stylish but not depressing. 3. The overall line of the new Chinese style. The new Chinese style design emphasizes simple and smooth lines, and incorporates a sense of craftsmanship. The biggest difference from traditional Chinese furniture is that although it has the charm of traditional elements, it does not just copy it. Symbolic elements in traditional culture, such as Chinese knots, landscape calligraphy and painting, blue and white porcelain, flowers, ruyi, auspicious beasts, 'hui' pattern, wave shape, etc., often appear in new Chinese furniture. However, the shape is more concise and smooth, and the carving patterns combine simplicity and complexity ingeniously, revealing a strong natural atmosphere and reflecting the ingenuity of the craftsmanship. 4. The practicality of the new Chinese style features. Some people think that Chinese-style furniture is not easy to use, especially in terms of seating. The lines of some Ming-style seating are too horizontal and vertical, and it is difficult to fit the curve of the waist and back of the human body. The complicated carvings on the back of the Qing-style seat make people feel very uncomfortable. But the new Chinese furniture has made major reforms in this regard. Such as sofa armrests, backrests, chair backrests, seat panels, etc., incorporate scientific ergonomic design, with rigorous structure and lines. The padding of the sofa cushion part is soft, the backrest is hard, and a special waist is added. The pillow fits the curve of the human body and has a more humane design.
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