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A good thing to plant grass to improve the quality of home

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-26
Flipping through the house, everyone can dig out a few household products that are 'unusable'! The tears I shed now are the water in my head when I was shopping! So, today we will take a look at the household products that are 'not to be used' and those good things that improve the quality of the home. Let you spend less money when buying furniture products! Home furnishing products that are not to be used NO.1 Built-in trash can in the cabinet Yes, many people are attracted by the photo tricks, such as me! It seems that it only needs to be used Built-in trash cans instantly improve the cleanliness of the entire kitchen by one hundred points! BUT built-in trash cans do more harm than good, especially for Chinese households, 80% of Chinese households do not have a garbage disposer. The kitchen waste is stuffed in the trash can, and then stuffed in the cupboard. The volatilized water vapor is simply a breeding ground for bacteria! Moreover, Chinese dishes are usually greasy, and many of them are very oily and fragrant. Pour leftovers inside. When the trash can is closed for a day, the whole cupboard is probably full of vegetables. . . Uh (⊙o⊙)...This is a piece of text with flavor. NO.2 Blackboard Wall Because of its interactivity and variability, blackboard wall has long become an eye-catching choice for wall design in the space. In particular, many parents take into consideration the characteristics of their children's love of graffiti on the wall, and even move the blackboard wall to their home or children's room, imagining that children can be creative on it, creating various patterns on DIY graffiti, which is indeed quite good. of. But imagine the scene of wiping the blackboard again, that kind of chalk and gray scenes flying all over the sky, you can definitely feel what eating dirt is. Therefore, the decoration choice of blackboard wall is still more suitable for large public spaces. If you are in your own home, just take a look. NO.3 Pendant curtains Pendant curtains have strong shading and look very beautiful and romantic. But the long pendulum that mopped the floor has become a 'good home' for hiding the dirt. And if there are furry pets in the house, the hairs on their bodies will stick to them as soon as they come out. NO.4 The quality of the above-counter glass basins is generally better, because the load-bearing ratio is relatively uniform, and the probability of later problems is not high. But the undercounter basin has a big problem: cleaning is troublesome, water is easy to splash out, and the glue around it is moldy and ugly if it is not cleaned in time. My family ignored this cleaning problem. When I lived for a month and planned to clean the entire house, I found that the above counter basin did have a lot of sanitary corners, and it was inconvenient to clean. The glass basins are also carefully bought. They look very modern and well matched, but they are also troublesome to take care of. Extended reading: Six tips and common sense teach you the correct purchase of furniture products NO.5 Where to put the soap on the wall-mounted soap dish? It can be a soap dish or a wall-mounted soap holder. In fact, I personally think that the soap holder is not very useful. Everyone knows that soap will foam when used up. It will look dirty after a few days on the soap holder. Most soap holder structures will have grooves. It can't be taken off, and it's really not as convenient to take care of as a soap box. NO.6 Blinds and blinds are really too difficult to clean. I don't know when to wipe each leaf. I won't say more about it. Anyone who has used it knows the pain. At first, the blinds in my house were good-looking, so I installed it. Afterwards, cleaning the bathroom made my wife exhausted, and she complained to me every day. After 'Strength Pulling the Grass' tells you what you should not buy, I will also 'Strengthen Planting' a few good home quality goods for everyone. NO.1 The details of the ornaments are meticulous. Animal decorations make the living room look lively and full of life. The simple shape incorporates origami, iron art and other elements, reflecting the owner's good home taste in the details. Plant decorations make the room full of natural atmosphere. In the modern home environment, plant decorations make the room a little more green, which can bring people a relaxed and pleasant sense of comfort. NO.2 The flower house is also beautiful. Green nature has become more and more people's pursuit of the home environment. With the improvement of living standards, people are also willing to dress up their homes more beautifully. Buying flowers and growing green plants have become commonplace. Wouldn't it be better if flowers and plants were allowed to grow freely in unique utensils? NO.3 Decorative paintings create a warm wall. Is it often that I feel empty when I walk into the home? In the current living room, most of the rooms are wallpapered or simply painted white walls. Too simple walls can easily make the room seem empty. At this time, the role of decorative painting is reflected. Improving the quality of life starts with improving the home environment. A good living environment is also a manifestation of happiness in life. So please decorate your home with your heart!
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