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A different kind of furniture hidden in the yurt

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-20
The vast sky is blue like the sea, the endless green fields, feel the flowers of the meadow in the sun, and listen to the wind whizzing by on horseback. Time is slow, the setting sun is red, the wilderness is sweet, the heart is empty, the yurt’s home is warm... The life of the Mongolian people has made many urban people fascinated, and the breath of life in the yurt, What kind of style does it have? In people's imagination, it is often thought that nomads rarely use furniture, and the simplicity and primitiveness of their lives seem to destined them to not need much furniture. Undoubtedly, this is a misunderstanding of the public. The origin of Mongolian furniture is almost synchronized with that of the Central Plains. After thousands of years of development, a unique ethnic form and manufacturing style have been formed. The types of Mongolian furniture include chairs and stools, tables, beds, cabinets, ornaments and other daily necessities. The classical Mongolian furniture is gradually developed on the basis of the Song, Liao, and Jin furniture forms, and has a strong ethnic style and characteristics. Most of the furniture focuses on the texture of the wood itself, pays attention to the dignified and beautiful shape, and pursues the visual beauty. Take into account the characteristics of practicality and solidity. During the Yuan Dynasty, Mongolian furniture developed to its heyday. The emergence of the semi-pastoral and semi-agricultural economy has led to a sharp increase in the demand for furniture. Due to the material and spiritual needs of Mongolian princes, monks, monks, high shepherds, and wealthy businessmen living in cities and towns, Mongolian furniture is gradually moving towards an era of sophisticated materials, bright workmanship, strong, powerful, and natural. style. At this time, the penetration of Han culture made Mongolian furniture also become the furniture of Yuan Dynasty representing the era. It is worth noting that the Yuan Dynasty furniture plays an important role in the history of Chinese furniture. It abandoned the usual lacquer processing and production methods, returned to the original source, and emphasized the simple material of wood. Ming and Qing furniture leaves a broad space for development. For the Mongolian people, furniture is not a monotonous living utensil, but a charming painting of ethnic customs. These dignified, sturdy and practical Mongolian furniture with gorgeous decorative patterns integrate the characteristics of Buddhist culture, nomadic culture, and Central Plains culture, and integrate strong ethnic style and characteristics, and the unique life of Mongolia flows everywhere. Mongolian furniture mostly uses thick paint and heavy colors, with strong contrast and radiance. From the perspective of ornamentation, Mongolian furniture ornamentation can be divided into three types: narrative patterns, abstract patterns and concrete patterns, and each ornamentation can be subdivided into more than a dozen types, which vividly reflects the religious beliefs and aesthetic tastes of the Mongolian nationality. For example, those curly and flowing moirés have the meaning of auspiciousness and the gods; the nose pattern inspired by the ox nose prints symbolizes roundness and beauty; even the most common and common fret patterns are full of protection from theft. The profound meaning of it. In addition, due to the different status of the owner, the requirements for furniture patterns will also change. The furniture used by princes and nobles is mostly based on the theme of Guotai Min'an and Jiaguan Jinjue, such as dragon and tiger patterns, landscape patterns, etc.; the furniture patterns of merchants are naturally based on coins and ingots, implying the meaning of wealth; while the patterns used by civilians are The richest, the most colorful, the most extensive, the good life wishes of ordinary people, such as health and longevity, peace and prosperity, and good luck, are all manifested. From the appearance point of view, most Mongolian furniture is small, square, angular and thick, which looks like colorful building blocks. What's even more amazing is that the shepherd's boxes and cupboards are almost the same size, and the size difference of similar furniture is only 5-10 cm. This is actually related to the Mongolian half-agricultural and half-pastoral lifestyle. Traditionally, the Mongols must migrate at least two to three times a year, and the chariots staggered across the grassland. Four-square furniture can be placed on the same carriage to the maximum extent and fixed on the carriage, which can reduce the damage caused by bumps on the road, and the size is similar because the size of the Lele carriage is the same. In order to facilitate migration, Mongolian furniture mainly uses tenon-and-mortise connections that facilitate disassembly, reducing the trouble of disassembly and assembly. Therefore, Mongolian furniture is also known as the beautiful giant 'spelling building blocks' of the grassland people. In Mongolian furniture, there are more than 30 ways to connect with tenon and tenon, which is really amazing. Whether you have ever rode a horseback through the Mongolian wilderness or stayed overnight in a yurt, those low cabinets, kang tables, Mongolian wine cabinets, whole sheep trays, and three-staircase tables that carry Mongolian style will give you a different spiritual experience. This may be a novelty from the national customs, perhaps a refreshing of aesthetic vision, perhaps an enlightenment of a different kind of life, or a philosophy of survival wisdom. As long as you experience Mongolian-style furniture once in your life, you will have no regrets.
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