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A clever debate on the difference between golden sinensis and golden camphor

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-06
The picture on the left is Phoebe cinnamon, and the picture on the right is camphor tree (the following pictures are both left and right camphor) Phoebe and camphor are in the same family, and Phoebe belongs to the genus Lauraceae; Cinnamomum camphora belongs to the genus Lauraceae. Many friends feel that they are both. It's not easy to tell. Phoebe quince is resistant to decay, and can be buried in the ground for thousands of years without decay; it is insect-proof, and nanmu has a phoebe scent, used to store clothes, calligraphy and painting, and can avoid insects; it is not cold in winter, not hot in summer, and does not hurt the body; The lines are fine, dense and magnificent, exquisite and unusual; not easy to deform, rarely warped and cracked. The color of Phoebe chinensis is generally yellow with light green, with some exceptions, some are yellowish reddish brown. There are obviously more crystals in golden nanmu than ordinary nanmu. The surface of the wood is shining golden in the sun, and golden threads emerge, giving it a supreme and noble elegance. The golden camphor tree has relatively high hardness and is not easy to wear, so it is very suitable for carving. At the same time, the golden camphor tree contains extremely heavy oil and iron, and it will emit a different smell from ordinary wood when it is washed with a high-pressure water gun or polished at a high speed, which is more special! This kind of oil and iron make the golden camphor tree not deformed, resistant to acid and alkali, and especially moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant. Because it is rich in 'iron' elements, the golden camphor wood will show a golden color after being polished and oxidized, and the color will become more noble with the passage of time. Because the golden camphor tree has such excellent characteristics, it has become the first choice for some high-end wooden crafts. So, how do we distinguish between these two types of wood? The appearance of the two is different: the color of Jinsinan is mostly light yellow, orange-yellow, sometimes mixed with gray, the texture is clear, elegant and quiet, the texture is gentle and soft, and the non-shrinking texture is a very obvious parallel texture, similar to the annual ring pattern. It is a typical feature of phoebe string section and diameter section. Camphor wood has a slight annual ring pattern and is light in color. It is not as obvious as the golden pheasant. It often appears golden, red gold and brown, with irregular longitudinal cracks. The touch difference between the two is: the content of nanmu resin is slightly higher, and the surface is slightly smooth and moist. If you polish it with sandpaper, the meat is quick and easy, but don't think that the meat can save sandpaper. On the contrary, because of the high resin content , It is a lever to use sandpaper, and friends who have polished Jin Sinan must have this consensus. Jin Si Nan is very soft, and you can make marks with your nails if you carelessly. Therefore, Jin Si Nan's handles or bracelets should be taken care of. Camphor wood is slightly heavier and slightly astringent, and is relatively difficult to polish. Related reading: When purchasing golden nanmu furniture, be careful about the difference in odor between the two species: nanmu is more fragrant, with a light wood scent, or a little grassy or medicinal scent. Camphor wood is mostly the irritating fragrance of camphor. The difference between the two galls: the smell of camphor wood gall is lighter, and the taste of nan gall is not obvious, and it is difficult to distinguish the two galls only from the smell. As the saying goes, no one is perfect, and wood is the same. On the whole, phoebe gall is not as good-looking as camphor gall. The pattern of phoebe gall is looser, less consistent, loose and not concentrated. The patterns of camphor wood gall are dense and coherent, and they are mostly irregular round 'scar-eye'-like textures. The difference between the two uses: the toughness is relatively good, and it can be used as small box furniture with tenon and tenon structure such as jewelry boxes and official leather boxes. The risk of cracking and rocking is very low, and it is also suitable for making Buddhist beads and handles. But pay attention to avoiding water, so as not to damage the surface grease and make it lose its luster. Since the color will become ugly after seeing water, it will be deformed, even faded and whitish if it absorbs too much water, so the tea sets and tea seas made are often closed waxing methods to fill the brown eyes and pores of the wood. Use beeswax for pores. First, heat the wax to infiltrate the wood with a high temperature, and then use an electric heater to bake the wax into the wood. Finally, use a soft cotton cloth or cotton yarn to wipe smoothly to wipe off the excess wax to enhance the smoothness. Golden camphor is heavier and harder, with beautiful patterns, but because of its good continuity of patterns, large plates are better. The surface has high density and water resistance, suitable for making tea trays and tea seas, but care must be taken to avoid warping. It can also be used for small furniture, such as wooden piers, wooden slabs, slats, paintings, etc. Because the shape of the wood is more irregular, it is difficult to make wood products with regular shapes, so most of them are made according to the shape.
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