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A brief introduction to furniture decoration in the Qing Dynasty

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-05
The decoration methods of Qing Dynasty furniture are diverse and colorful, which is unprecedented in history. All the means and materials of arts and crafts are used for it. Whether it is carving, inlay, lacquer, painting, bone, wood, bamboo, jade, porcelain, francs, snails, babao, etc., everything is used for furniture decoration. In specific use, it is a combination of various techniques, such as the combination of relief and openwork, the combination of carving and inlay, the combination of carving and gold, the combination of carving and dotted emerald, etc., to name a few. Another decorative feature of Qing Dynasty furniture is 'multiple' and 'full1. Qing Dynasty furniture decoration theme (1) Auspicious patterns Auspicious patterns are the most popular decorative themes for furniture in the Qing Dynasty. It reached its peak in the late period. Almost any picture, any combination of patterns, uses methods such as symbolism, homophony, and analogy to make it contain auspicious and wealthy meanings. Such as 'magpies on plum blossomsThe auspicious patterns are full of life and are deeply loved by the people, and they are still used today. (2) Animal and plant patterns In addition to the traditional unicorn, Kuilong, Chihu, dragon, beast, and lion, the Qing Dynasty also added new animal patterns such as squirrels. In terms of plants, there are plum orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum, grape, fold branch, curly grass, Ganoderma lucidum, peony, Xifan and so on. (3) Geometric patterns Bogu patterns Commonly used geometric patterns in furniture in the Qing Dynasty include moire, key pattern, swastika pattern, Jomon pattern, intestinal pattern and grass dragon pattern, etc., especially moire patterns. Bogu is also a commonly used decorative pattern in the furniture of the Qing Dynasty. It is carved on the furniture with the image of ancient artifacts such as bottles, jars, calligraphy and painting, and the four treasures of the study. 2. Furniture decoration techniques in the Qing Dynasty (1) Carving The furniture in the Qing Dynasty most favored the use of openwork. The whole piece of openwork was used on the back of the chair, the teeth of the table, the baffle, etc., which clearly highlighted the transparent and ethereal effect. The second is the relief sculpture. After the middle of the Qing Dynasty, the carving reached its peak. Sometimes a piece of furniture is full of carvings, which is dizzying and breathless. (2) Inlaid inlay occupies an important position in the furniture of Qing Dynasty. Because the effect of inlay is outstanding, it is more gorgeous than carving. There are many materials for inlays, including wood, teeth, stone, porcelain, snails, and even amber, agate, coral, gemstones, etc. The colors are shining bright and gorgeous.
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