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A Brief Analysis of Putian Woodcarving in Fujian

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-05
Putian wood carving flourished in the Tang and Song dynasties and flourished in the Ming and Qing dynasties. At the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, the architectural decoration of temples, Buddha statues, scriptures, etc., had prototypes of carving techniques; at the end of the Song Dynasty and the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, the screens, railings, woodcarving antiques, musical instruments, furniture, etc. carved by Puxian were already quite exquisite and vivid. In the Ming Dynasty, Putian was good at round-carving Buddha statues and flat-carving architectural decorations. The ebony four-sided Thousand-Hand Guanyin Bodhisattva statue carved by Putian woodcarver master Fang Wentao is the location of China's largest woodcarving industry. The precious wood carving occupies most of the domestic market. About 200,000 people are currently engaged in the woodcarving industry. Mainly with high-end luxury mahogany classic furniture and small pieces. In the Northern Song Dynasty, the five-time immortal tourist Cai Jing Daxing said that 'Fengda Yuheng' said that he made great efforts in civil engineering and pursued luxury and wealth, so he called home artisans to organically combine Kyoto palace equipment with painting and calligraphy to produce woodcarving furniture, and the first 'Putian' was opened. Woodcarving furniture craftsmanship is the first. The piano table of the Song Dynasty famous painting 'Listening to the Qin' collected by the Palace Museum in Beijing is the fine Xinghua woodcarving furniture presented to Song Huizong by Cai Jing. At the end of the Song Dynasty, the red sandalwood and wenge wood imported into the Philippines from Quanzhou Port and Fengting Port became the raw materials for woodcarving of Xing Chemical Craftsman, and rosewood woodcarving gradually flourished. 'Putian Woodcarving' formed a simple, lively and fresh artistic style in the Ming Dynasty, and the Qing Dynasty entered a glorious period of exquisite structure, gorgeous decoration, and complicated and heavy. Insiders believe that Putian woodcarving is the accumulation of cultural concepts and aesthetic appeals of artisans in the past. Its traditional crafts include round carving, open carving, relief carving, root carving, and the categories include Buddha statues, ladies and Huawu landscape ornaments, furniture, and miscellaneous pieces, etc., with various shapes , Exquisite workmanship, very practical, ornamental and collection value. There are still wooden statues of Mazu in the Ming Dynasty, as well as plaques, screens, sacrificial vessels and other cultural relics in Thean Hou Temple in Putian mainland, Taiwan, Nagasaki, Luer Island and other places. There are famous representatives of woodcarving craftsmanship in Xinghua throughout the dynasties. Liao Xi, the grandson of the famous teacher Liao Mingshan in the late Qing Dynasty, was good at figures and carving flowers. His masterpiece won the gold medal at the 1903 Panama World Tournament. 'Liao's Wood Carving' has become a treasure that Chinese and foreign antique dealers are vying to buy. There are still many pieces of 'Liao's' wooden seats in the Palace Museum, as well as a tribute carved by Putian Houyang artists during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty-the gilded openwork flower blue. In the Ming Dynasty, due to the Japanese pirates' rebellion, the import of mahogany from various Southeast Asian countries was very rare. Xinghua woodcarving mostly uses local longan wood materials to carve into various military commanders, ladies or gods, antiques, supplemented with old lacquer finishes, making the works look more dark and antique, and longan woodcarving is well-known for this reason.
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