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A big comparison between finished wardrobes and handmade wardrobes, which is more environmentally friendly

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-06
Hand-made wardrobes on site 1. Comparison of hand-made wardrobes in terms of environmental protection and hazards 1. Most of the wardrobes made on-site in woodworking are manual operations, and the environmental performance will vary depending on the quality of the board selected by the owner. Sheet cutting is done on site, and the workmanship is relatively rough. The connection of the plates is mainly nails, and the nail holes are easy to rust after a long time. After the wardrobe is finished, it is necessary to paint on the spot, which will inevitably be contaminated again. 2. The materials are mostly large core boards, plywood, woodworking boards and fir boards, etc. In addition, the secondary veneer, gluing, and edge sealing are also done manually. If not properly controlled, it will cause excessive formaldehyde. Finished wardrobe 1. Most of them use solid wood particle board (particle board), density board, double-sided melamine veneer, produced by the factory assembly line, fully automatic machine edge sealing, to ensure the tightness and fineness of the wardrobe edge sealing. 2. Many overall wardrobe manufacturers have adopted E1 grade boards, and the edge banding glue is also controlled by plant-based starch glue, which has good environmental performance. 2. Comparing hand-made wardrobes from service and after-sales perspectives 1. Connecting with the wall with a closing plate, there is basically no gap, and it is easy to move, disassemble and assemble. 2. Wardrobes made on-site by woodworking will be dismantled with the completion of home improvement, and its after-sales service is difficult to guarantee. Finished wardrobe 1. Humanized design, rational use of effective space. It can also be designed arbitrarily according to the needs of users, or add drawers or reduce partitions. 2. Customized wardrobes are installed by professional personnel free of charge, and regular brand manufacturers will also have a complete set of after-sales service measures. 3. Comparing the manual wardrobe from the board 1. Woodwork cannot be disassembled, and it is fixed once it is done. 2. The smell of woodworking site is unpleasant, and the methanol content exceeds the standard. 3. Carpenter's manual edge banding is rough. Finished wardrobe 1. It can be disassembled and assembled many times, and the disassembly and assembly are simple. The plate is connected by a three-in-one screw, and the disassembly and assembly leave no trace. 2. The whole wardrobe is only assembled on site, and the methanol content reaches the E1 standard. 3. The whole wardrobe adopts automatic edge banding machine to seal the edges, which is smooth and beautiful. 4. In terms of service life, custom-made products are better than finished products in terms of long-term service life. Many finished products use materials or designs that are not in place. The pursuit of beautiful appearance, such as some finished bookcases and shoe cabinets, will cause the door to fall off after a long time. Or sheet deformation, custom-made, if it is an experienced designer, the ergonomics and mechanics will be considered carefully! The cabinet made is relatively strong. Fifth, from the price point of view, as far as the current market is concerned, the price of buying furniture made of materials by yourself is higher than that of making furniture directly from big brand overall wardrobe manufacturers. Some people may ask, why is it cheaper to make a custom order than to ask a carpenter to do it? Because large brands use group procurement in procurement, coupled with factory batch assembly line production, the cost is greatly reduced. Merchants who specialize in overall wardrobes seek for quantity, rather than individual high profits. Therefore, customization is better than production. Cost-effective.
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