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6 kinds of design styles that everyone loves

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-07
Nowadays, young people like to live casually. When they return home, they can lie down and watch TV at will. At this time, it is more comfortable to have a lazy sofa. The lazy sofa is also called lazy bones, soft furniture, beanbags, beanbags, in fact it is just a big bag, the outer jacket can be polyester cloth, pure cotton cloth, suede, plush, etc., the inner cover is made of good air permeability. The woven cover is filled with high-density polystyrene particles (also called styrofoam particles). The size of a lazy sofa is about 150cm*100cm. It is not as tough as an ordinary sofa, it takes a comfortable and comfortable route, and it is very convenient to clean and move. The lazy sofa can be divided into aristocratic group, couple group, design group, technology group, practical group and children group according to the style. 1. Design-style lazy sofa: Examples of cross-border cooperation have always been wonderful in the home furnishing industry, and they are also amazing when used in the design of lazy sofas. On one side is the color and bright colors that the lazy sofa is famous for, and on the other side is the comfort of an ordinary sofa, and the sitting feeling and body touch are very good. After sitting on it, it feels a bit like the buckwheat pillow that I slept in when I was a child. The wrapping is particularly good, and the hardness is slightly harder than other lazy sofas, so there is no need to worry about sitting completely out of shape. Therefore, this type of lazy sofa is unparalleled from appearance to sitting feeling, and its aristocratic temperament is very suitable for urban white-collar workers. 2. Children’s lazy sofa: Compared with adults, children may prefer to be on the ground, in a low position or climbing or sitting. Therefore, a lazy sofa suitable for children to sit on is like a regular sofa, but sits on it. Later, it was discovered that it had no 'sofa-like' at all. Children can sit on the 'back' of the sofa or on the 'armrest'. The original appearance of the sofa can even be tossed without a trace, which is more in line with children's casual and free mentality. 3. Lazy sofa for lovers: For some lovers who like to snuggle together, the single seat is not only crowded but also prone to scramble. Therefore, the emergence of the lazy sofa provides a new way of sitting for lovers. It is not a sofa or a chair, but it allows people to relax and feel comfortable while sitting, while also satisfying the warm feeling of two people talking. If you combine them around a big coffee table, you can play cards, drink afternoon tea, and chat. In addition, the surface material is easy to take care of. Related reading: How to buy a lazy sofa? How to buy a lazy sofa? 4. Technology lazy sofa: Because of its unique shape and bright colors, lazy sofa has always been a representative of youth and beauty, and it is also popular among fashionable young people. But in the past, lazy sofas were mostly fabrics, and occasional stains were very difficult to clean. This is one of the reasons why many people like lazy sofas but dare not move home easily. Nowadays, while the lazy sofa has continued the past bright colors, it has made a big fuss on the fabric-the wrapping fabric of the sofa has also undergone special technical treatment, so that the fabric has stronger oil and stain resistance. 5. Practical lazy sofa: The handle design on the top of the sofa is very user-friendly, which is convenient to move the sofa. The color is mainly simple and elegant, and it needs dry cleaning. 6. Aristocratic lazy sofa: one side is the color and bright color that the lazy sofa is famous for, and the other is the comfort of ordinary sofa, and the sitting feeling and body touch are very good. This type of lazy sofa is incomparable from appearance to sitting feeling, and its aristocratic temperament is very suitable for urban white-collar workers.
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