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3 types of rosewood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-06
Rosewood was the main raw material for mahogany furniture in the Qing Dynasty. Furniture made of rosewood, even after hundreds of years, will still look like new with a little lacquer and moisturizing. It can be seen that the fine wood of rosewood has long attracted the attention of the world. There are two kinds of rosewood color, dark red and light red. Generally, there are 'grease' of high quality, fine structure, strong sex, and can sink in water. It is particularly obvious that dark brown or black stripes are often sandwiched in dark red, and the texture is clear and full of changes. The north of rosewood is called 'redwoodMany mahogany furniture in Qing Dynasty were rosewood furniture, that is, old mahogany furniture. Especially in the middle of the Qing Dynasty, not only the quantity was large, but the quality of the wood was better, and the manufacturing craftsmanship was also more exquisite. In the concept of modern people, it is real mahogany furniture. Rosewood is a general term for a variety of woods, roughly divided into three types: black rosewood, red rosewood and white rosewood. Red rosewood mainly includes: Dalbergia vulgaris, Dalbergia australis, Dalbergia australis, Dalbergia villus, Dalbergia cochinensis, Dalbergia sibiricum, Dalbergia barri. Extended reading: Red rosewood black rosewood black rosewood round tables for mahogany furniture materials mainly include: Belize Dalbergia, Amazonian Dalbergia, Brazil Dalbergia, East African Dalbergia, Lushi's Dalbergia, Broadleaf Dalbergia , Black Dalbergia, Knife-shaped Dalbergia. Extended reading: Redwood knowledge: correct understanding of black rosewood and white rosewood. 'Redwood' does not include 'white rosewood' in the national standard. According to the 'National Standard'DalbergiaBecause of its lighter color, some people call it 'white rosewood'. Therefore, the commonly known 'white rosewood' in the market refers to 'Dalbergia austro'. The common characteristic of it and the other two kinds of rosewood is that it also emits a smell of edible vinegar during processing. White rosewood is produced in Myanmar. It is not as oily as red rosewood, and it is not as oily as red rosewood. After processing, it is somewhat similar to Caohuali, but it is much more expensive than Caohuali. Dalbergia barley is the red rosewood, also called purple rosewood. In addition, from another perspective, rosewood is divided into two types: old rosewood and new rosewood. Some people in China imported large quantities of high-quality wood from Madagascar and sold it all the time. At first it was thought to be red sandalwood. However, after many researches, it is actually not red sandalwood, but a black wood in the Dalbergia genus. The scientific name is 'Lushi black red sandalwood'. . The National Forestry Research Institute of Madagascar also specially sent an official letter to my country's forestry department, stating that Madagascar does not produce red sandalwood at all, and the high-quality wood exported from the country, including the wood exported to China, is 'Lushi black Dalbergia'.
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